Jamal Crawford: Sports career and achievements

Jamal Crawford is the defender of the Los Angeles Clippers. In 2000, the basketball player was chosen by the Cleveland Cavaliers team under the eighth number on the Draft of the National Basketball Association. Jamal can play both a point guard and an attacking defender. Most of his career, the basketball player performed at the AZ position.

"Bulls" - "Knicks" - "Golden State" - "Atlanta" - "Portland"

In the "Cavaliers" defender did not play eitherone duel. Immediately after the lottery, he was traded to the Chicago Bulls, where he spent four seasons. In the "bulls" Jamal Crawford never played in the playoffs. In total, in Illinois, the defender took part in 244 fights. In 120 games Crawford went to the parquet in the starting five.

In the 2004/05 season, Jamal became a player of "New YorkNyx. " Debut season in the team of the "Big Apple" defender came out in the start 67 times, and in his last full season for "Nikebox" - 80 times. In the 2007/08 season, Jamal spent an average of 40 minutes on the court and scored 20.6 points. This was the best indicator in the career of a basketball player.

Jamal Crawford

In 2008, Jamal Crawford became a player of the Golden State. In the club from Auckland, the attacking defender played until the end of the season, and then went to the "Atlanta", where he spent two seasons.

Jamal Crawford's photos were in all localnewspapers. The basketball player held 155 games in the regular season for two seasons. Also for two years he played 23 times in the playoffs. This period was a turning point for Jamal. He never went out at the start. From this moment the basketball player became the "sixth" player of the team. He spent an average of 25-30 minutes on the match, leaving the bench. After the "Atlanta" Crawford left for the season in "Portland", where in 60 games he scored, on average, 14 points.


In 2012, Jamal Crawford signed a contract withThe Clippers. As part of the "sailboats" he acts even now, however, due to the departure from the team of Chris Paul, rumors began that Jamal too can leave the team's location. Actively get Crawford is trying his former team, "New York Knicks."

In the 2013/14 season Crawford went 24 times in the start. It was his best record since the times of the Golden State Warriors, when he appeared in 54 matches from 54 on the court since the first minutes. On average, in the "Clippers" Crawford scores 16 points per game, makes 3 assists and collects two rebounds.

Jamal Crawford the defender

This season, playing for a club from Los Angeles,Jamal took part in all 82 matches of the regular season, gaining an average of 12 points each. As a result of the regular season, the team went into the playoffs, but quickly found themselves behind the board in the race for the title of NBA champion. In the games for the departure Crawford scored 12.6 points per game, on average, made 1.4 rebounds and gave 2 assists.


Just for his career in the National Basketballassociation Jamal Crawford spent 1182 games in the regular season and 69 basketball games led to the NBA playoffs. On average, Crawford made 3,5 assists in his career, 2,3 selection and scored 15.5 points.

jamal crawford photo

49 times Jamal managed to score 4 points in oneattack. This is the best result than any other NBA player in the history of the league. In 2010, the defender became the best sixth player of the association. This achievement he was able to repeat twice more - in 2014 and 2016. This season Jamal conceded the title of the best sixth player to defender Eric Gordon.

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