Brooks Mel: filmography, biography. "World History" and other interesting films

Brooks Mel is an actor known for his brightcomedic roles, director, screenwriter. This person is often compared with Woody Allen, trying to determine his place in American cinema. The lack of an attractive appearance did not prevent him from rising to the rank of a star of the first magnitude. Comedy, to the creation of which he puts his hand, surprise with a variety of subjects. What was the creative way of this extraordinary person?

Brooks Mel: A Biography of the Star

The native city for this man was New York,where he was born in the distant 1926. Parents of the future famous comedian were emigrants who arrived in the States from Poland. It is interesting that Brooks Mel once in his childhood mastered several foreign languages, among which Yiddish is also present. Later, the possession of this language will be useful to him in the tape "Shining Saddles", in which he will create the image of a charismatic Indian leader.

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As early as the first years of his life Brooks Mel discoveredfor yourself an amazing world of cinemas. The boy's idol in those years was Charlie Chaplin, he literally remembered by heart all the tapes with his participation. It is possible that it was the silent comedies that first awakened in him the desire to become an actor.

The first steps to success

Brooks Mel is a man who is easy to relate tocategory of pets of fortune. His first experience in the role of the comedian boy acquired by accident. After serving in the army, the future actor and director was forced to find a job, as he had no means to continue his education. He got a job as a casino cleaner, but worked as a short time in this capacity.

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Once a participant in the stand-up, speaking in thecasino, could not go to work as a result of illness. The manager, probably already received proof of the talent of the comedian, who had a young janitor, turned to him with a proposal to replace the artist. This was the first show with the participation of the future star.

It's interesting that in reality the actor's name is Melvin Kaminski. But the guy chose to achieve glory, using the mother's name Brookman, in the future, and cutting it.

The first films

"Producers" - a picture that appeared in 1968year, with the help of which quickly broke into the world of cinema Mel Brooks. The filmography of the man, who by that time was already 42 years old, began with a successful tape, with the creation of which he took over the functions of the director and scriptwriter. It was then that the comedic shade, characteristic of most of his creations, appeared. In the center of the story were two swindlers trying to conquer the theatrical circles.

Keep the popularity that gave the mastercomedy "Producers", it was not easy. His next project - the shooting of the film by the work of Ilf and Petrov did not like the public and critics. Failure does not bother Brooks, who already in 1974 makes his debut as an actor-comedian in the film project "Sparkling Saddles", which gave him a lot of admirers. The parody "Young Frankenstein" also proved to be a success, in which he also played a prominent role, finally establishing himself as a comedian.

Best parodies

Melka Brooks's "World History", filmeddirector in 1981, had a grandiose success, remaining in the memory of the audience among the funniest comedies. Her creator also took part in the shooting as an actor, depicting five characters at once, among whom were King Louis, Moses. Among the most memorable scenes is the action in the torture chamber equipped with a pool in which beauties and monks relaxed.

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Of course, the "World History" is notlimited list of successful parodies, which was removed by Mel Brooks. Films of the director who have won fame: "Space eggs", "Fear of heights". The first picture comes out in 1987, ridiculing the cult "Star Wars". The second was demonstrated in 1977, with her help, the master "dissects" Hitchcock's thrillers.

Did not remain without attention of the master and the picture,the heroes of which are vampires. His tape "Dracula: dead and contented", which was published in 1995, parodies all the film projects dedicated to the life of bloodsucking creatures of the night. And the legendary Robin Hood, whose personality the director laughed with the help of the work "Robin Hood: Men in Tights," was also delivered.

What else to see

Of course, comedy parodies - not allThe genres with which Mel Brooks works. Films dealing with serious issues are also among the best works of the director. For example, you can pay attention to the drama "Money does not smell," which he presents to the public in 1991. The main hero of the picture is a multimillionaire forced under the terms of a crazy bet for 30 days to exist as a homeless person.

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Also interesting is the ribbon created by him "Silent Cinema"released in 1976. This work is a tribute to Brooks's paintings with Charlie Chaplin, whom he admired in the early years of his life. In this film, he also took on one of the roles, playing Mel Fana.

The 89-year-old actor has not yet decided to completely abandon his favorite work. For example, in 2015, the series "Comedians" was released, in which he happened to portray himself.

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