Quotes about conscience: sayings of great people

Conscience is defined as a sense of moral responsibility to people and society for their own actions. It is assumed that each person is able to experience this emotion in certain situations.

Morality of the XXI century refers to this phenomenon in two ways: on the one hand it should be for everyone, and on the other it is almost indecent to demonstrate it. This can be clearly seen if you read the popular quotes about conscience.

Sayings of ancient philosophers about the conscience of man

The ability of a person to bear responsibility before his own mind was a subject of reflection even in ancient Greece. This is confirmed by a number of well-known quotations of great people about conscience:

  • To awaken the shame of a scoundrel, you need to give him a slap (Aristotle).
  • Soul wounds never heal (Publius Cyr).
  • It is a clear conscience to have no knowledge of sin (Horace).
  • Consciousness of one's own rightness is more precious than life (Euripides).

Man's moral obligations were also paid attention in the following centuries. Quotations about the conscience "noted" Rousseau, Voltaire, Diderot ("The power of man is in the realization of the evil done "), Goethe, Kant and almost all writers and poets, including Khayyam and Pushkin ("Clawed beast, scraping heart").

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On conscience in the XX-XXI centuries

On the elongation of the last 100 years, the attitude to the morality of man becomes more and more ironic, on the principle of "that can not be sung, it is worth laughing at".

famous quotes of great people about conscience

Ironic and mocking quotes about conscience are only in 30% of cases have authors. Others are created by the unknown and very popular.

  • His conscience is clear. In use it was not (A. Blok).
  • A clear conscience is a perfect pillow (S. Lec).
  • Echoes of lost virtue.
  • Prisoners of duty guard prisoners of conscience.
  • A bribe is the moment of the triumph of the mind over conscientiousness.
  • Conscience resembles a brake. That's just manual.
  • Knowledge of the law makes it difficult to judge by fairness.
  • Well-bred young lady. Do not talk to those who do not want to listen to her.

In general, ironic banter over morality andmorality is not evidence of any degradation of society. Rather, it is a reflex protection and an attempt to reduce emotional tension. Humorous quotations about conscience are used in everyday life, designate and describe various situations when an ethical choice was faced to a person.

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