Marina Yudashkina: biography and personal life

Marina Yudashkin - the wife of the famous Russianfashion designer and charming woman. Around her person want different rumors. Some say that she achieved everything in her life thanks to her husband. Others are sure that Marina Yudashkina is the heiress of wealthy relatives. Let's look into this together. The article presents only truthful information.

Marina Yudashkin

Marina Yudashkina: Biography

The wife of the famous fashion designer was born in1958 year. Her parents are ordinary people. No rich relatives have Marina. Therefore, the first rumor can be safely dispelled. Our heroine studied in high school. I brought home four and five. Since childhood, she liked to cut and sew clothes to dolls. Attracted her and hairdressing.

Even after graduation, Marina Yudashkin could notdecide what she likes best. As a result, she decided to master both hairdresser's art and the profession of clothes cutter. Marina Yudashkina, whose biography interests many today, and did not expect that later both skills would be useful to her.

Marina Yudashkin biography

Acquaintance with Valentin Yudashkin

During the Soviet Union, such a profession as a fashion designer,simply did not exist. Valentine spent days working on creating patterns for dresses, blouses and skirts. A variety of materials were used in the course. Something he brought friends and relatives. Marina seriously took a great interest in hairdresser's art. Soon fate brought these two creative people together.

Their acquaintance happened many years ago. Marina and Valentine worked at one company, opened at the Ministry of Fashion Industry. Our heroes are often sent on business trips around the country. If you think that then they have a normal business romance, then you are mistaken. Relations formed later and were more romantic.

Marina vladimirovna yudashkin


When Marina Vladimirovna Yudashkin wasmember of the Russian team in hairdressing, she needed an assistant. Soon she found him in Valentine's face. Being a professional artist, he helped pick out the outfits for hairstyles. At first, the young guy and the girl did not like each other very much. But one day they met their eyes and realized that this was fate. Their romance developed with incredible speed. Valentin and Marina tried to spend as much time together. They hugged and kissed like schoolboys. Marina managed to get Valentina's mother to her home. The woman on the first day realized that her future daughter-in-law possesses such qualities as kindness and sincerity.

Marina Yudashkina photo

A family

Three months after the meeting, the young people took uppreparations for the wedding. Valentine himself made a dress for his beloved. It turned out chic, all in orchids alive. According to the sign, the groom should not see the attire of the bride before the wedding. But Marina and Valentine are not superstitious people. There was nothing terrible in their fate. Spouses live together for more than 25 years.

First difficulties

Marina Yudashkina understood that her husband by birthactivities have to communicate with long-legged mannequins. But she could not suppress the feeling of jealousy. Soon she had a wonderful idea - to become an assistant to the spouse, his right hand. For the sake of this Marina had to abandon the work of a hairdresser-stylist. In the role of assistant she did not perform long. The girl found out that she was expecting a baby. In 1990, the couple had a charming daughter, who was named Galina.

Marina spent most of her time on the baby.Career has come to the fore. Difficult times have come in the country. There were problems with the implementation of clothes created by Yudashkin. To feed themselves and their daughter, the couple had to sell the car and antique furniture.

Now Marina and Valentina are doing well. Their trade mark Yudashkin Jeans enjoys incredible popularity among Russians and CIS residents.


Not so long ago the main character of the yellow press becameMarina Yudashkina. Photo of the designer's wife was printed in magazines and newspapers, issued in million copies. The woman was accused of organizing a gambling club. Later it became clear that Valentin Yudashkin's wife had nothing to do with this.

Journalists did not understand the circumstancesincidents and fanned a grand scandal. It turns out that in December last year, Marina rented an apartment to some native of Belarus. But she was just a figurehead. People who settled in the star apartments, brought there poker tables and slot machines. The police arranged a search in the apartment after the appeal of the neighbors.

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