About how many dolphins live, and other interesting facts about these animals

Do you know who are the dolphins? These are not fish, as many think, these are mammals. Studying these animals, scientists have discovered many amazing and even fantastic facts. The article will tell about them and tell you what they eat, how they communicate and how long dolphins live.

Let's get to know each other

how many live dolphins

Dolphins - mammals, whose native elements are the World Ocean - belong to the cetacean order. In total, scientists counted 50 species of these animals.

The range of their distribution covers the whole Earth, forthe exception of the Arctic and the subarctic belt. Basically, they inhabit the seas and oceans, but there are also freshwater dolphins - a rare species of La Plata, Amazon, Chinese river.

Further we will get acquainted with the description, the peculiarities of the structure of this amazing animal, we learn how and how many dolphins live.

Appearance, habits

how old do dolphins live

The body of aquatic animals has a streamlined shape,muscular and absolutely naked, with smooth skin. On the small head there is a hole - the breather. Snout extended, small eyes see badly, no sense of smell, average speed of movement is quite low - 5-12 km / h. Because of small teeth and lack of chewing muscles, they do not know how to chew and swallow small fish - sardines, anchovies - entirely.

Many inhabitants of the sea depths seem muchbetter adapted to a complex habitat, but this does not affect how much dolphins live in a natural environment. These animals, of course, have enemies - sharks, skates, but they know how to protect themselves well. With dispersal and with very great force, they beat their strong nose of the enemy, and they are tagged into weak places - gills or stomach. Since dolphins are social animals and always live together for 10-15 individuals, all together they are very effective in fighting off enemies. In addition, dolphins are endowed by nature with exceptional echolocation. With the help of sound vibrations, they accurately determine the structure of an object, its dimensions, material, distance to it. Therefore, when studying the question of how many dolphins live, scientists have found out that the average life expectancy at will is 50-90 years.

What influences life expectancy

how many dolphins live in captivity

Observations helped to find out which main factors affect the life span of dolphins:

  1. Food. In the natural environment, these animals feed mainly on fish, squid, mollusks and crustaceans. Although scientists already know for sure that they eat dolphins, but under conditions of bondage, even under a strict diet, they are obese, which is due to the limited enclosure of the living space.
  2. Social environment. It is known that in nature dolphins live by one family, and when they are separated from their relatives, they are very sad.
  3. Habitat. These mammals love space, and a closed environment in captivity greatly shortens their life.
  4. Health. Scientists have found that they suffer from "human" diseases - pneumonia, cardiac and oncological diseases.

As a conclusion, in nature these animals live much longer than in aquariums or swimming pools. How many dolphins live in captivity? Not more than 10-15 years. Hence, their main enemy is a man.

How many years live dolphins, also in many respectsdepends on their kind. The longest live killer whales, minke whales and bottlenose dolphins - an average of 40-60 years. Irrawaddy species lives up to 30 years. The smallest live river dolphins - 15-20 years.

5 interesting facts

how many live dolphins

  1. They can talk. This has already been proved. These mammals distinguish between underwater inhabitants and everyone is called in their own way.
  2. The sensation was the discovery of the fact that at birth every dolphin in the pack is given a name.
  3. Dolphins and man are the only mammals in the world who have sex not only for procreation, but also for pleasure.
  4. Dolphins recognize their reflection in the mirror.
  5. In a delphinic environment, matriarchy reigns.
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