Sergio Pizzorno: Biography

Great Britain is the birthplace of many talented artists and musicians. Sergio Pizzorno, whose photo you can see below, is one of them. And it will be discussed in the article.

Sergio Pizzorno


Sergio Pizzorno was born on December 15. It happened in 1980 in the UK, in a town called Newton Abbot, which is located in the far south-west of the country and is part of the jurisdiction of the county of Devon. His father was Italian, and therefore Sergio also bears the Italian name and surname. Mother, however, was a native Englishwoman. Initially, the guy was very fond of football and did well in the sport, giving hope for a brilliant career. But as time went by, young Sergio became more and more imbued with music.

Sergio Pizzorno's wife

The period of becoming a musician

The hour has come, and Sergio Pizzorno realized that withoutmusic he does not live. Then he built in his room something similar to a sound recording station and began to compose and record tracks himself. Pursuing his favorite business, Sergio once, while in a position to find new ideas, came across a group called "Oasis". It was this meeting that put the last point in the choice of the life path of the young man. Since then, he just dreamed of a musical career and was in love with the scene. After some time on his fifteenth birthday Sergio received as a gift from his parents the first guitar in his life. In his school years, Sergio made friends with a guy named Chris Edwards, who was also fond of music. After graduating from school and enrolling in college, the young people put together a group called Syracuse. Chris took the place of a bass player. In addition to them, the team joined two more guys - Thomas Meigan and Christopher Carloff. When the last one read one book about Charles Manson's gang, he proposed to rename the group to "Casabian." It was the surname of one of the heroines of the story - Linda Kokasabian, who in the plot of the book played the role of the driver of the gang. The proposal was supported by the guys, and the new group began its work. Soon it became popular.

Discography of the group

In 2004, "Casabian" issued the same namedebut album. The second followed two years of intensive work and was called "The Empire." Three years later, in 2009, the light saw the third album of the team with an intricate name, which should not be translated into Russian: West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. "This album , by the way, was nominated for the Mercury Prize music award, but did not receive it, but the Fire track, which opened the record, took first place on the chart and stayed at that position for two weeks, resulting in a gold status in the British Phonograms Association. 2011 x group has been working on the next album «Velociraptor!». Last for today's fifth album, was released in the light in 2014 under the very laconic title 14:13.

Sergio Pizzorno and emi

The popularity of the musician and cooperation with the fashionable world

Sergio Pizzorno is convinced that the group "Oasis"this is almost the last worthy representative of British rock 'n' roll. The only continuers of the line, deserving attention, he considers the team of Arctic Monkeys and, of course, his native Kasabian. It is also known that Sergio Pizzorno is a fairly prominent figure in the fashion world. Known contacts that he had with the world-famous brand Prada and the prestigious British modeling agency Models 1. In addition, along with his associates in the music scene, he starred in a commercial for Burberry. He even received an offer to become the face of the fashion house Armani.

Personal life of a musician

It is known that the closest person to SergioPizzorno is his wife. And the name is the husband of the musician Emmy. In 2010, Sergio Pizzorno and Amy became parents. The pair was named Ennio Silva Pizzorno by the pair. It is also known that the boy was born a little earlier than the expected date, and therefore Sergio barely managed to his wife, returning from a tour of Australia. At present, the musician is rarely at home - the touring life affects. Permanent rides, concerts and rehearsals between them take away from him almost all the time.

Sergio Pizzorno photo

Interesting facts about the musician

Sergio's fans noticed that the musician hastwo main guitars, which he prefers. The first and most favorite of them is the red color of Rickenbacker 481. The second, which he uses a little less often, is the Fender Coronado of the same bright red color.

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