Marilyn Carro is a finalist of The Battle of Psychics. Biography. Personal life

Marilyn Carro - psychic and insanely beautifulgirl. She has a model appearance and serious magical abilities. Would you like to receive more information about her person? Then read the content of the article.

Marilyn curro biography

Marilyn Curro: Biography

Red-haired beauty was born 18September 1988 in the Estonian village of Rakvere. Parents dreamed of their son. Therefore, the girl was relatively cold. Mary did not know what parental affection and care are. In addition, three of her sisters grew up in the house - two older and one younger.

The childhood of our heroine was difficult and hungry. The father was interrupted by casual earnings. Sometimes there was not even a piece of bread in the house. His failures the head of the family "poured" alcohol. Being in a state of intoxication, a man made scandals. He repeatedly raised his hand to his wife and daughters. And all ended with the fact that his father had collected things and left the family. Mary at the time was 5 years old. My mother spent days at work, to provide girls with a decent life.

Unusual abilities

Surely many of you are interested in when Marilyn Carro discovered the gift of a psychic in herself. We will definitely talk about this. In the meantime, there is a small background.

In the house where Mary lived with her family, she cameAunt Salmé. She did not have her own home. The only thing she could earn her living was a divination. Aunt knocked at the door to the locals and offered her services. She was wondering at the lines of her hands. In most cases, its forecasts came true. Aunt Salme regularly came to the house of the family Kerro. But one day she did not show up. Since then, nothing has been known about her fate. In memory of her Mary had a Bible in Old Estonian.

Now a few words about the appearance of an extraordinarythe gift of our heroine. At 6 years old she suffered a lightning stroke. It happened at the moment when the girl grabbed the metal handle of the door. Fortunately, nothing happened to the baby. There was not a scratch on it. However, strange things began to happen with Mary. She talked about something that caused others to stupor. And the girl took a liking to an abandoned house on the edge of the village where she spent spiritualistic sessions. Marilyn told her mother that the spirit of the late great-grandmother had contacted her. It is she who transmits the ancient knowledge to the girl. And the most interesting is that already in her childhood, Mary learned the date of her death - April 2071.

Marilyn Cerro


Everyone knows how sensitive and vulnerableteenage girls. But Marilyn's mother probably did not know about it. Once in a daily conversation, she hinted to her daughter that she had plump cheeks. These words hurt Mary. From the next day the girl began to lose weight. She drank a lot of water, did exercises. And her diet consisted of only a couple of fruits.

Every day Marilyn liked hisreflection in the mirror. Together with harmony, self-confidence returned to her. One day a representative of the modeling agency approached Mary and offered cooperation. Carro could not miss such a chance. Beauty signed a contract and set to work. All her day was painted by the hour and minute: fashion shows, communication with journalists, shooting in advertising and photo sessions. Model girl, the girl gave 6 years of her life. But she does not regret anything. After all, Mary received colossal experience and a decent income.

At the age of 16, our heroine wasa diagnosis such as anorexia. Her weight was not enough for her high growth. And a year later it developed into a heavier form of the disease - bulimia. The girl gorged on her fill, and then artificially caused vomiting. On getting rid of this disease and recovery it took several years. Today, Mary's weight and health are within normal limits.

Marilyn curro psychic

"The fight of extrasensories"

Mary decided to try her hand in the 14th season of the popular TV project. Estonia coped with the qualifying tests and was given the opportunity to participate in the "Battle of Psychics".

On the set the girl conquered all hernatural beauty. However, even more leading and skeptics were struck by the methods of work of the Estonian witch. In the rituals, Mary used the heart of an animal, daggers, black candles and her own blood.

Soon the project participants began to notice the sympathybetween Estonk and Alexander Sheps. About the novel psychics were told only in the final of the program. Marilyn Carro, whose biography we are considering today, won second place. And the winner of the 14th season of the Battle was her lover Alexander Sheps. The guy offered to give the "crystal hand" Mary. But the girl refused to accept it.

Alexander Sheps and Marilyn Curro

Alexander Sheps and Marilyn Carro: life after the "Battle"

Before participating in the show, our heroine did not developrelations with men. According to Mary, she does not know what intimacy is. Alexander Sheps was able to conquer the heart of a red-haired witch. In it, she saw a reliable and caring man.

Many spectators of "Battle of psychics" (14th season)were confident that the novel Sheps and Kerro - a game on the camera or part of the script. But they are very mistaken. The guy and the girl have deep feelings for each other. Now they live under one roof and practically do not part. They are united not only by love, but also by magic. Each of them has its own methods of work. But most of the rituals lovers spend together. In some moments, Shepps helps Marilyn Carro. The wedding of a couple is being postponed. Psychics admit that they are well together and without any staples.

Marilyn curro wedding

Hello again!

In the summer of 2015 TNT channel announced the casting onThe 16th season of "Battle of psychics". What was the surprise of the Safronov brothers when the red-haired beautician Marilyn Kerro came to the selection round for the beloved audience. The girl said that she came to the project for the victory. This time the witch refused the services of an interpreter. Thanks to Alexander Sheps she managed to learn Russian.

With the first test, Mary easily coped. But with the search for a man in the trunk, she had some difficulties. But, despite this, Kerr was allowed to go to the third stage. And she lived up to the expectations of the Safronov brothers. The witch with her eyes closed told about the life of the person sitting opposite her. This time, the famous "humorist" Ekaterina Skulkina played the role of "Mr. X".

Since September 19, a new season is on the channel TNT"Battles of psychics". The Safronov brothers, along with the editors of the program, selected 12 people with supernatural abilities. The Estonian witch also entered into their number. Will she manage to win and get a "glass hand"? It will be known very soon.


Now you know where you were born, studied and what you did before Marilyn Carro's project. We opened the veil of her personal life. We wish Mary and Alexander Sheps happiness and creative development!

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