In April 2013 another earthquake was recorded in Almaty

One of the terrible disasters of the planet is an earthquake. From it you can not hide anywhere, because the whole earth is moving, houses are falling down, and getting out of the risk zone is almost impossible. Seismological services in Kyrgyzstan do not consider earth tremors such rare occurrences. The earthquake in Almaty especially intensified in April this year. In this place, such phenomena are far from extraordinary, since the movement of lithospheric plates, on the border of which the city is, is still occurring.

Earthquake in Almaty

Kemin earthquake in 1911

Earthquake in Almaty is not uncommon, but stillit is impossible to fully prepare for this natural disaster. The end of the nineteenth century was remembered by the local residents of Vernersky in 1887 and by Chilik in 1889 by earthquakes. The force of the tremors reached 9 points. The city of the Faithful suffered great damage. No sooner had the inhabitants forgotten about these calamities, as on January 4, 1911 the element reminded of itself with renewed vigor. Kemin earthquake began at 4 hours 26 minutes, and the magnitude of its tremors reached 9-10 points. Such damage to the city throughout the twentieth century did not cause any element. The jolts spread in all directions and were characterized by strong horizontal shocks.

Earthquake of Almaty
The earthquake in Almaty did not leave a single whole house. Some of the building elements destroyed completely, a huge amount suffered, but still subject to repair work.

Later, a list of houses was compiled, among which616 were completely destroyed. And more than 1000 required repairs. The peculiarity of this earthquake was that the tremors continued for a long period of time. The earthquake of Almaty, according to seismologists, spread to large areas, and was felt 1,000 kilometers from the center of events. Eyewitnesses claim that people did not have time to run out of houses and were buried under their wreckage. The earth seemed to collapse: huge cracks passed even under the foundations of residential buildings. Each subsequent push was stronger and longer than the previous one, and was also characterized by a buzz. According to official data, this earthquake in Almaty killed 390 people.

Current Situation in Almaty

Almaty earthquake
April of this year will be remembered for a long time by the inhabitantsAlmaty. Earthquake in certain places reached a force of 4.5 points. The first tremors were recorded on April 21, their magnitude was 4.2 points and they were insensible to the inhabitants. But the seismologists expected that the continuation would continue. And he did not have to wait long: on April 24, new earth tremors by force of 4.4 points were fixed by the relevant services 514 km from Almaty. During the earthquake on April 28, whose center was 200 km from the city, did not include sirens. Emergency Minister Vladimir Bozhko said that the magnitude of the tremors did not exceed 4.5 points. Instead of a siren, he announced, they ran a running line through all channels and gave a verbal message over the radio stations of the city. According to him, it would be most convenient to send sms messages to residents. But not all mobile operators go to meet the authorities, because they require payment for services. The villages Kegen and Narynkolu were in the center of events, and the depth of the pushes spread 10 km deep. Seismologists predicted underground activity in this place even at the beginning of May.

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