Presley Walker. Son of Cynthia Ann Crawford

Like the star mom Cindy Crawford, the son of Presley Walker and daughter Kaya Jordan conquer the world's catwalks. Brother and sister have long been "under the watch" of designers from the foremost fashion houses.

Age is not an obstacle!

sindy crawford son presley walker
How can I stay young, beautiful andhealthy - is not this the dream of every woman? To make a dream a reality was lucky for only a few. One of these few is an American Cindy Crawford. She is a famous model and actress.

Despite the age, it is still slender andShe is beautiful. Of course, the fans of this woman want to know if there was a plastic surgery. But, as it turned out, a healthy lifestyle and exercise are really capable of doing miracles!

Now the supermodel has taken upsale of real estate. Apparently, despite the fact that the youngest members of the family are already replenishing the family budget on an equal basis with adults, the Crawford-Gerber family is going through a very poor (financially) period. Having raised more than one hundred million dollars from the sale of a villa in Mexico, the couple put up for sale another house - one that is located in the middle of the beach of Malibu. For this property the couple hopes to get about sixty million. Privileged housing consists of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining room and a dressing room.

Youth Cindy

It was rather awkward and evendisproportionate girl. It was difficult to call her beautiful ... The addiction to fullness seemed a serious obstacle to the path to fame, but the dream of a model appearance was stronger.

The desire to become the owner of perfect formstook all the thoughts of young Crawford. Cindy, who strictly observed the recommendations of the personal trainer, still achieved her goal. At the age of 15 she was already a star of the catwalks, advertising products of famous brands.

The personal life of Cindy Crawford

True love found her in 1998, when afteran unsuccessful marriage with actor Richard Gere Cindy tied herself in the bonds of a second marriage with the former model (now the owner of the restaurant business) Randy Gerber.

A year later, in 1999, married couplesthe son of Presley Walker was born, and after another 2 years - the daughter of Kaya Jordan. About how the children of Cynthia Ann Crawford grow up, admirers of her beauty learn from home photo sessions, which the American supermodel regularly uploads to Instagram.

Presley Walker
Many users of the Globalinterested in the life of Cindy Crawford, think that she is the mother of two girls. A fair-haired boy with surprisingly regular features has long been the subject of discussions of idle online gossip ...

Presley Walker. Son of Cynthia Ann Crawford

For the first time the world spoke of this boy as a future model in the fall of 2009, when he decorated the list of the most beautiful children of American celebrities.

Crawford Sindi
10-year-old Presley Walker, more likegirl, topped the star TOP-10 and no longer went either with web- or glossy pages of fashion magazines. A close attention to the children of Cynthia Ann Crawford is also due to the fact that, contrary to expectations, the rule about "nature rested on the children of successful people" in this case does not work.

Presley Walker Gerber
In the summer of 2015, brother and sister Gerber posed for the French magazine Vogue. If for a young Presley it's a debut, then his 14-year-old sister Kaya is already a professional model.

Everyone who saw the pictures, which are capturedlittle Presley Walker Gerber - the son of Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber - note how remarkably similar the boy is to the father and mother. From each parent, Presley took all the best and beautiful, including beautiful facial features and a charming birthmark on his cheek.

Currently, Crawford Cindy - among the richest women (the income model is estimated at $ 35 million). She is also a successful business lady and runs her own company - Crawdaddy Inc.

Not so long ago, Sidney shared with her readersInstagram portrait of a young son, made during a photo shoot for one famous gloss. 16-year-old Presley Walker, dressed in a black tuxedo with a butterfly, looked, though slightly gorgeous, but solid. Users of the network noted that the earring in the ear of the guy is in harmony with the bow tie.

Once Cindy Crawford admitted to journalists,that, while carrying her son, she actively posed for a lot of magazines, accustoming the child not yet born to the admiring views of fans and flashbulbs.

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