Vasilina Mikhailovskaya - personal life and work.

Vasilina Mikhailovskaya, the legendary producerreality show "House-2", undoubtedly deserves no less attention than its participants. After all, it was she who created this show in such a way that the entire country remembers it - alive, dynamic, interesting and real. When the show began to change, she left. After all, "her heart remained among dusty monitors and wooden houses." This bright story in her life ended. But there are other, no less vivid episodes.

Vasilina Mikhaylovskaya

Vasilina Mikhailovskaya. Biography

Vasilina Mikhailovskaya was born on May 28, 1970 in thecity ​​of Yekaterinburg. She received a diploma from the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts. She worked for 7 years in Yekaterinburg TV, after which she was invited to work in Moscow, in the show "Star Factory", as a producer.

After the "Factory", Mikhailovskaya became the producer of the show "Five Minutes Before Divorce", on "Ren-TV."

For a long time she was married to AlexeiMikhailovsky, who is now the producer of "House - 2". The couple had a son, who is now 16 years old, but in 2011 Mikhailovsky parted. Despite the fact that she did not manage to save the marriage, Vasilina says that she is glad that they were on good terms with the former spouse, thankful for the fate of this experience, and if she could start anew anew, she would marry again this man. Now she is free and dreams to meet a strong man with whom he can finally relax.

Life in the "House - 2"

In numerous interviews, Mikhailovskayashe says that she lived right away at "Dom-2", she lived her work. After all, for many years, "Dom-2" is aired on a daily basis. For her, this show has become a life, and its participants have become not just "working material" but real friends, which you already know almost everything about, which you help to solve some personal problems - with relatives, studies.

And Vasilina herself is a participant in thisreality show. She froze in the winter in trailers, together with the crew, when the project did not have normal living conditions, was happy, worried, sincerely friends with the reality show participants. With some, for example, with Alena Vodonaeva, she is still friendly.

Vasilina Mikhaylovskaya biography

New projects

Many believe that the popularity of the reality show"House-2" is the merit of Vasilina Mikhailovskaya. And that after her departure, the reality show is on the verge of collapse. But Vasilina says that she loves the project and believes in it, real relationships and love will always find their grateful audience.

The next child was a family entertainmentthe project "Wild game". Vasilina Mikhailovskaya is a creative producer of the show and she again literally lives her work. Now the project has its own audience, and its second season is planned.

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