Actress Lyudmila Zaitseva: biography

Actress Lyudmila Zaitseva played in the cinema moreforty roles. Each of them, even the most insignificant, was remembered by the viewer. Zaitseva Ludmila is a versatile actress. In her filmography there are roles of an extremely wide range: from Sergeant Kiryanova in the film adaptation of Vasilyev's story, to the image of a simple and uneducated woman in the once scandalous picture "Little Faith". On what roles did the actress Lyudmila Zaitseva remember the audience?

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Lyudmila was born a year after the end of the war. Her childhood and youth were not easy. However, like the life of all those who were born in the forties. The future star of Soviet cinema grew without a father. I spent the early years in the eastern Krasnodar krai farm. But Lyudmila dreamed of becoming an actress from her childhood. As soon as the "last bell" rang in her life, she gathered her modest belongings and set out to conquer the capital.

Moscow adopted a girl from the Kuban farm asand other dreamy provincials, very cold. The girl entered the theater high school for the fourth time. After every failed attempt to become a student at the Moscow Art Theater School, she did not despair, but made up a plan for preparing for the entrance exams for the following year. However, it was necessary to live on something. Actress Lyudmila Zaitseva at one time had time to work as a cleaner, plasterer, and laboratory assistant. She entered the university in 1966.

Personal life

In the artist's life there were many adversities. But nevertheless the creative way of it began very successfully. In the late seventies she became one of the most popular Soviet actresses. Despite her brilliant career in film, her family always put Lyudmila Zaitseva first. The actress, whose personal life has developed happily, not long ago experienced a grief. In 2011, Gennady Voronin, a man with whom Zaitseva did not part for almost half a century, passed away.

With the future husband, the actress met on the set of the movie "Holidays of Childhood". From Gennady Voronin Lyudmila Zaitseva has a daughter Vasilisa.

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First roles

Actress Lyudmila Zaitseva first years afterGraduation of the Moscow Art Theater School in the movie was shot actively. However, she was given only episodic roles. But the images that the young actress created on the screen were surprisingly bright. The films, filmed by the actress Lyudmila Zaitseva in the early seventies, are "A dawns here are quiet", "Stoves-benches".

In 1972, Lyudmila played the main character inthe picture "Hello and Farewell." The plot of the film is a touching story of a lonely woman, mother of two children and a young policeman. The partners of the actress on the set were Mikhail Kononov and Oleg Efremov.

Actress Lyudmila Zaitseva has played many roles in the cinema, but I remember first of all the following films:

  1. "Hello and goodbye".
  2. "Sunday Night."
  3. "On the day of the holiday."
  4. "For family reasons".
  5. "Little Faith."

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"Little Faith"

The viewer of the XXI century is hardly able to feelthe severity of the conflict, which is present in the film, released in 1988. Prior to the premiere of "Little Faith" in the Soviet cinema, there were stories about goodies. And even in the plots, in which rascals and rascals were present, the background was quite decent society. The fact that in every second provincial family drinking alcoholic beverages is the norm, the filmmakers did not tell. As well as the fact that there are families in the Soviet environment in which reading books is considered bad form. Actors Lyudmila Zaitseva and Yuri Nazarov recreated on the screen images that were painfully familiar to most of the population of the USSR. But the film caused a scandal. To shoot a truthful movie in those years was not accepted. The role of Vera's mother in Vasily Pichul's film is perhaps the most difficult and interesting work in L. Zaitseva's filmography.

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