Do you want to know what distinguishes Swifts from Swallows?

We all know about the existence of swifts and swallows. These birds fill the happy spring noise with the sky above our houses and, not being afraid of people, settle nearby. And can you easily distinguish them? After all, they are so similar and externally, and a way of life. Let's look at these birds in more detail.

What is the difference between Swifts and Swallows? Appearance

photo of swallows

Let's start with the fact that these birds belong to different orders: swifts are representatives of a detachment of long-winged or shear-like, and swallows are a group of passerines.

If you look closely at photos of swallows, you can see that they have a black plumage with a bluish tint and a white or beige breast. The head of the swallow is decorated with a red-brown mark above and below the beak.

Swifts of feathers are greenish, and on the throat there is a small white speck. Swifts are more swallows and wings are longer, narrower, resembling a sickle, and in flight - on a tightly stretched bow.

What is the difference between Swifts and Swallows? Ability to fly

Swifts pictures
Swifts are fast-moving birds. In the air, they speed up to 150 km / h. While at the swallow it does not exceed 60 km / h. Strizh, as a rule, flies in a straight line very quickly, sharply and can dive into the nest, without slowing down.

Another feature of the swift - in flight he neverDo not fold your wings. By the way, in the air these birds almost all the time shriek. A swallow is a master of aerial pirouettes and unexpected turns. In flight, she is silent, and on vacation, her singing melodic, ending with a pleasant trill.

Strizh surprises with his abilities tonon-stop flight: he eats, sleeps, drinks and even mates in the air. Just imagine, the young Swift flies to 500 000 km before you first sit down to rest!

The shape of the legs is a special sign of swiftness

Swifts, the photos of which you see here, unlikefrom swallows to the ground never sit down. This is the fault of the shape of the feet. They are unusual in this bird: all four fingers with sharp, tenacious claws are extended forward, while at the swallow three fingers are extended forward, and one - back.

swallows on wires

Thanks to this, the swallow can easily sit onland and move around it, and, like many other birds - rest on the crossbeams, branches or perches. You must have seen birds sitting on wires with long forked tails. These are swallows.

than swifts from swallows differ
A swift but can its sharp, curvedclaws on short paws to catch on the slightest ledge on a wall, tree or other vertical surface and climb along it, leaning on a firm tail.

What is the difference between swifts and swallows. Method of nesting

Everyone saw a wonderful work of constructionart - a swallow's nest, made of clay or earth. But the swifts of the nests are not being built. Any hole, crevice, hollow or other nest is suitable for breeding offspring. Occupying them, the swift puts its predatory claws into play and recovers living space from sparrows, swallows and even starlings, which are twice as large as any of these "warriors".

Now you can surely answer without hesitation,than swifts from swallows differ. But there is also something that brings them together: both those and others are amazing creations of nature, bringing on the wings warmth, spring and joy.

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