Carolina Bang: biography, career, personal life

Devoting a lot of publications to Hollywood movies,should pay attention to the film industry in other countries. This article is devoted to the young Spanish model, actress of theater and cinema Caroline Bang. The spectator knows her as a circus actress in the 2010 film "A sad ballad for a pipe".

Carolina Bang filmography


Carolina Herrera Bang was born on September 21, 1985 in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands, in Spain. At the moment she is 31 years old.

When she was still a child, a family from the islandsmoved to the capital of Spain - Madrid. Carolina Bang has two educations - acting and architectural. The second received at the Madrid Polytechnic University.

In addition to native Spanish, Caroline speaks fluent English, is currently studying Chinese and German.


The acting career of Bang Carolina begins in 2005year from small theatrical productions, but already in 2007 it begins to appear on screens in several shorts. A year later the actress noticed the famous Spanish director Alex de la Iglesia, who invited her to shoot the series Pluto B.R.B Nero. The girl played in the series for two seasons. Since then, the director very often invites Bang to star in his films.

Then she appeared in the series "People Paco" and"Land of wolves." In 2010, Carolina Bang again received an offer from Iglesia and gladly accepted it. She played the role of gymnast Natalia. The role became significant for her: for shootings the actress had to undergo serious physical training. She was nominated for the Goya Award in the category "Best Actress".

Bang Carolina

In 2011, she worked with actress MariaBarranko on the film "Dagger Rasputin," starred in the drama "The last spark of life." Two years later, the actress starred in the horror comedy film The Witches of Sugar-Murdi, playing the role of a young witch Eve.

2016 was very successful for Carolina. She starred in two films: "The Future Is Not What Once Was" and "Yesterday and Tomorrow," in the series "Web Therapy" and "Victor Ross." In the winter of this year, the dramatic film "Skins" was released, which was presented at the Berlin Film Festival. Here Carolina received one of the main roles - the role of a psychiatrist, which viewers can already appreciate.

The filmography of Carolina Bang has about thirty films and serials, despite the girl's little acting experience.

Personal life

Little is known about the relationship of the star. In the summer of 2014, the actress married director Alex Iglesia, in whose films she starred earlier. Before that, Alex was married to the Spanish actress and producer Amaya Diaz, but in 2010 they parted. From marriage, Iglesia left two children.

In December 2016 Alex Iglesia and Carolina Bang reported the birth of the first child in their family - the daughter of Julia de la Iglesia.

The actress herself told about herself that she likes to watch the adventure melodrama "Wild at heart" and the anti-utopia "Clockwork Orange" before going to bed. Many call Carolina one of the most beautiful women in Spain.

Carolina Bang

We will believe that the young and talented actress has a bright future ahead of her, in which she will build a worthy acting career and win audience sympathy.

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