What is a fiesta? This fireworks of juicy emotions and unique sensations

In Spanish, the word "Fiesta" meanscelebration, holiday, street performances. That's exactly the question of what a fiesta is, the curious Europeans will be answered by a resident of Spain or Latin America. After all, in these countries, this word was born, which in recent years has become even more meaningful and has become very popular all over the world.


what is fiesta

What is a fiesta for a modern person, you canto explain very long, but if we talk about associations that are called by the word "fiesta", then this is a real fountain of feelings of joy and optimism, as well as fireworks of bright sensations and colors. Those who are fortunate enough to get into the real Spanish holiday euphoria will determine the flurry of exciting sensations at a time when masquerade artists pass by the streets of an ancient city, many people in carnival and fancy dress, musicians performing traditional melodies on instruments (ranchero) . And the sky during all the colorful parades cut multicolored salutes. It is impossible not to agree with the fact that it is here that you can find the answer to the question about what a fiesta is.


Perhaps, for a Russian citizen who stillonly plans a trip to the Spanish fiesta, it will be easier to understand the essence of the holiday, comparing it with the festivities, which are adopted in Russia, for example, in the Shrovetide week. Naturally, each country has its own unique color, and to say that people's celebrations are similar, can not be. But, in fact, this foreign event - this is the same nationwide fun, only in a foreign manner.

the meaning of the word fiesta

The meaning of the word "fiesta" is understandable to every residentThe Mediterranean. The concept itself originated even in the heyday of the Roman Empire, but to this day it is quite popular and relevant. Some modern Romance languages ​​(Italian, Portuguese) use words derived from the word "fiesta" to refer to any feast or party. For many of our compatriots this term has become synonymous with recreation, dance programs and abundantly laid tables. And someone uses the French word "fete", which is rooted in the Spanish fiesta, in order to even indicate a break for lunch, for example, in the office. Thus, having improved this Spanish word and "fitting" it to their own ideas about public recreation, almost all modern languages ​​can boast of the presence in their dictionary of the derivatives of the colorful "Mediterranean".

To whom and why?

which means the word fiesta

In order to finally realize thatmeans the word "fiesta", it is not necessary to go to Spain or the countries of Latin America for folk celebrations. Naturally, getting a ticket for the right flight, and even more so to determine the place from which the bullfight will be seen, for example, is not an easy task, requiring at least the availability of extra money and close friends in the above countries. However, due to the vast expanses of the Internet you can visit the very thick of the celebration of the Madrid fiesta and really feel the atmosphere of this memorable holiday. And as you know, with a good mood, any business is controversial. So, after looking at virtual holidays, you can start organizing your own fiesta, transforming it into the cultural customs of our society. If you conceive something like this, arranging a celebration for employees of your corporation or for close friends, then for sure it will be pleasant to surprise the imagination of every guest with the scope of your imagination.

Bright palette of emotions

It can be safely asserted that due to the introduction ofour speech of this word, even traditional holidays have become more active and are no longer limited to a plentiful meal and a musical program. What is a fiesta? This movement, masquerade, intrigue, fascinating sense of expectation and a whole palette of vivid experiences for each participant.

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