Exhibition of cats in Moscow: schedule. International Cat Show in Moscow

Every year in the capital, internationalexhibitions of cats and dogs, which not only select winners and honorary winners of competitions among pets, but also conduct charitable events to help homeless animals. The forthcoming exhibition of cats in Moscow will be held on May 1.

cat show in Moscow

What are cat shows for?

The first thing for which suchactivities - this is the popularization of different breeds of animals, the conduct of a kind of advertising, information work. The second task is the implementation of pedigree selection of thoroughbred pets for their breeding.

It is at the exhibition that experts compare catseach breed with an appropriate standard and give out titles and grades. The main goal of judges is to select the best specimens for breeding, and also to demonstrate cats that are most suitable for the modern standard of each breed. Only the best animals that win the "Best-in-Show" competition receive titles. But not only praise sypesya in the direction of the owners: the judges must note the existing defects and shortcomings of individual cats.

If the exhibition is held without examination, thenthe nature of its advertising, when any breeds are promoted, a demonstration is arranged. Often there is an exhibition of cats in Moscow estimated character: club (without the award of titles, a small number of participants); national exhibition with a judge (titles are not higher than a candidate for champions) and international (any titles are awarded, an expert of the international category is an expert). There are specialized exhibitions, on which certain breeds and colors participate.

Timetable of exhibitions in Moscow

Cat shows in the capital are held monthly,and announcements by the organizers of events are posted in advance on information portals. The nearest exhibition of cats in Moscow will be held in Sokolniki. It will be an "International Cat Festival" featuring a rare breed show, rings for adults and kittens, a mono-breed show for Persians, forest cats, etc.

cat show in Moscow

The tradition was the exhibition of homeless cats inMoscow, the previous ones were organized on March 30 and April 18, by the Day of Cosmonautics. During the event, money was collected for the construction of a shelter for homeless animals in Korolev. There were 100 adult cats and kittens who needed a host.

Under the contract with those who take away the cat, it is considered the property of the charitable foundation for the first time. And if the animal does not take root within half a year, then it is returned back.

Entry to the exhibition

For participation in the exhibition it is necessary to register in advanceand clarify all the conditions: whether this breed will be evaluated, by what system. The owners of cats are advised to have a standard for a particular breed. Still need to know the veterinary requirements: vet passport, vaccination marks, certificate form 4 and a note on the conduct of paid veterinary control. After all the nuances are taken into account, the final and festive event will be an exhibition of cats in Moscow. The schedule with the indication of breeds-participants will help the breeder to orient and make his schedule.

International Cat Show in Moscow

Preparing an animal

Any, and especially the international exhibitioncats in Moscow requires strict compliance with all requirements for caring for the animal. The necessary vaccinations must be made on time. The owner of the animal is obliged to know whether it is possible to place the pet in his own cage, and if not, then you need to know the size of the club enclosures.

A plastic carrying case, a cat's toilet, a bowl, water, toilet paper and decorative ornaments for the cage and cat should be ready at the ready.

Is the breed a tribute to fashion or ...?

Often we are subject to stereotypes.Everyone has a rumor of "teddy bear", "puppet muzzle", "little leopard", "home panther". The image of the regal cat helps the breeders sell Siamese, and the sacred - the Turkish Angora.

exhibition of homeless cats in Moscow

Despite this, there is a constant demand for andbreeds that are not currently fashionable, but which have an incredible personality of their own. They include Siberian, Russian blue, Neva masquerade cats, Kurilian Bobtails. Success is due to their aboriginal origin. Russian national breeds are classics, constantly in a "trend". Such cats will always find a buyer.

Over the decade of Russian felinology amongpurebred animals, there are permanent leaders, and the most popular are Persian cats. Although their short-haired analogs are no less in demand - the British and exotic, especially in families with people prone to allergies.

Such species have a similar type:Effective animal, but passive, phlegmatic. They are calm and comfortable in everyday life, emotionally balanced, and also emphasize the status of the breeder and symbolize well-being in the house.

The antipodes of "sweet" kinds of cats areOriental breeds: Siamese and Oriental, which demonstrate a vivid personality as opposed to the above-named popular breeds. This is clearly evidenced by the recent exhibition of cats in Moscow.

the nearest exhibition of cats in Moscow

The former glory of unbalanced cats for a long time did not allow the Siamese and orientals to the top of the charts, but the situation is corrected, and it pleases.

What determines the fashion for this or that breed?

First of all, from the advertising and activity of the leading breeders, as well as the funds invested in the "promotion" of the beloved breed.

Further, from the convenience of content and comfortablecompatibility. Exotic and short-haired British cats literally crowd out luxurious fluffy, but troublesome Persians. Bald sphinxes do not shed and will not harm allergies, etc. And the evaluation depends on the expert and his personal vision of the breed.

We stressed that the exhibition of cats in Moscow -it is primarily a comparison. And here it is important, among the number of applicants the pet received the award and recognition: to stand out among the three Siamese is one status, and deservedly to receive an honorary title among the 20 members of the eastern group is another. That is, the real assessment depends on the level of competition. Naturally, the prestige gained in a large breed group is more prestigious and more valuable.

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