Trolleybus parks in Moscow

What are trolleybus parks? This depot, which are all transport vehicles. Here, repairs and scheduled inspections are carried out. Moscow is a large and densely populated city. Accordingly, a large number of trolleybuses runs along the streets of the capital. The movement of this vehicle was opened on November 15, 1933. Today, there are more than eight depots in the city, we'll look at some of them in the article.

trolleybus parks

Trolleybus fleet No. 1

A transport organization is an affiliatecompany "Mosgortrans". It was opened in 1935. At that time, the park had 61 cars at its disposal. By 2015, this figure has increased to 222 units. Like some other trolleybus parks, it was closed as a separate depot (August 2016). This is done in order to attach it to the FATP.

trolleybus parks

Second depot

In 1937 the second trolleybus fleet was opened(its other name is Novokosinsky). It consists of 138 cars. They operate on 10 routes, which unite several areas of the city. Like other trolleybus parks in Moscow, this organization uses transport, as a rule, domestic. By the way, earlier the number of flights was much larger. However, in 2014 some routes were transferred to the fourth bus fleet. Therefore, their numbers declined sharply.

trolleybus parks of moscow

Trolleybus depot №4

The fourth park has the status of closed. He has been working since 1955. The decision to terminate the work was made in 2014. Like other trolleybus parks, he laid his routes along the Central and Northern districts of Moscow. April 11, 2014 for the last time on their flights left trolleybuses of this depot. After they were distributed to other parks. The fate of the building to this day is unknown. Perhaps, it will house a museum of passenger transport.

trolleybus parks of moscow

Park number 5

Trolleybus parks, as a rule, do not changeits location. However, the depot numbered five, opened in 1958, moved. It should be noted that the park in the old territory was closed in 2003. On the new, it is only opened five years later (2009). The true reasons for such delays are unknown. Today the park serves eight routes. The rolling stock in it is 150 units.

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