"Where was born, there and handy": the meaning of the proverb. What is its significance?

When a person asks his family about the destination,they can tell him, on the one hand, that the purpose of life is to find oneself, to change places, to enrich with experience, and on the other hand, there is an alternative answer - "where was born, where it came in handy." The meaning of the proverb will be discussed today.

Proverb and 2 types of people

where was born there and the meaning of the proverb was useful

The expression in question is hardly usedpeople who were born in big cities. They simply do not have a dilemma: to leave or stay. Large cities are a lot of opportunities. Does a Petersburger or a Muscovite think about leaving? On the other hand, both the Muscovite and the inhabitant of Petersburg may have ambitions to move out of the country. And they may not be strangers to the thought: "Really, where was born, there and handy? And nothing amazing in my life does not wait? "

In any case, however that may be, there aretwo types of people. Some think that you need to look for yourself, try a lot, learn, develop and look for your place in life. And the other type is more passive. Such people just think: where was born, there and handy. The meaning of the proverb is that a person does not think himself outside the area where he was born.


where was born there and useful meaning

Imagine that in some provincialThe city has only two types of activities - trade and construction. Of course, people are busy with other things, but in the areas we have designated, we can, relatively speaking, make a career.

A child is born in such a city, and while helearns, the boy does not particularly think about the future. But the time of the senior classes is inevitably coming, and the young man is already thinking about what awaits him. And, let's say, he does not feel himself in his native city. In this case, there are two options for the development of events: either the guy reflects, in accordance with the proverb, and chooses between construction and trade, or does not obey the wisdom of the people, leaves the city and seeks himself in the big world.

From the example, we can conclude that the expression "where was born, there and was useful" (the meaning of the proverb is disassembled a little higher) is colored, rather, negatively than positively. But it is not so.

Moral of the proverb

Moral proverbs and also her emotional chargeare determined by the speaker. A person can use this expression in both positive and negative sense. For example, if we are talking about a resident of a large city that characterizes a provincial, he can use the speech turnover "where he was born, where he came in handy" (the meaning of the proverb is not that hard to unravel) for showing contempt. If we are talking about installing a resident of a small city, quite content with his fate, then there is a simple statement of fact.

In general, one can not say unequivocally, badly orit is good to argue in the spirit of this proverb. Each person chooses for himself whether he likes the place where he was born. And in accordance with this, he develops his attitude to the expression "where he was born, and there he came in handy." The meaning of the proverb and its morality have been analyzed by us. We hope that there are no dark spots and dead zones in this issue.

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