Indian names and their meaning

Native American names are unique in their kind, since they do not have literal analogues in any other language.

Native American Names
This allows you to preserve their identity and uniqueness, which, of course, conquers the inhabitants. Each of the names is filled with deep meaning and conquers with its unique beauty.

Nevertheless, everything that we know about Indian names, remains only the tip of the iceberg. Let's try to clarify the situation a little.

For example, how many people know that names,which in the course of a single tribe, may not be used at all from another? Or the fact that Indian names (male and female) in some tribes coincide?

In addition, every Indian of the tribe canexist several names. One of them will often be used in everyday life, while the second will only be known to relatives and close people. This is the so-called spiritual, or true name, which defines the shaman.

True Indian names are never called aliens, because there are beliefs that such actions will bring misfortunes and misfortunes not only to a particular person, but to all his kind.

For example, you can consider the names of the tribeOjibways. These complex Native American names (women's) consist of several: first the parents are called at birth, the second is awarded at the Meade ceremony (a kind of baptism), and the third is given by fellow tribesmen and is used as a nickname. The result of such traditions is the frequent repetition of names. Most often they include the words "sky", "earth", "bird", "stone".

Native American Women's Names

The following are the most common Indian names:

1. Educated from the word "cloud":

Binasivanquad - Cloud of the Bird

  • Gichi-anakvad - the Great Cloud;
  • Makadevakvad - The Dark Cloud;
  • Abatavanquad - Part of the Cloud;
  • Vandanakvad - The Floating Cloud;
  • Gagige-anakvad - the Eternal Cloud;
  • Wabanakwad is the Pure Cloud;
  • Mizhaquad is the Eternal Cloud.

2. Names received from the word "heaven":

  • Beygizigig - One day;
  • Bidvavegigig - Sounding Sky;
  • Gagegigree - Eternal Sky;
  • Zhavanigizhig - the Sky of the South;
  • Giniveigizhig - Eaglin Sky;
  • Vengefire - The Other Side of the Sky;
  • Niganiigigiig - Ahead of heaven;
  • Vabigizig - the Light Sky;
  • Ozhvavashkogizhig - The Dark Sky;
  • Avignigizh - Misty Sky;
  • Можагижиг - Permanent Day.
    Native American names for men

3. Names, in the root of which lie the words "earth", "rock":

  • Vaevikamig - the Round Earth;
  • Asinivakamig - the Earth of Stones;
  • Navajibig - Middle Stone / Rock.

4. Names formed from the words "seated" and "standing":

  • Gabebabo - Standing Forever;
  • Naganagabo - Ahead of It;
  • Makvagabo - Standing Like a Bear;
  • Mamaskawabo - Standing Strongly;
  • Manidogabo - Standing Spirit;
  • Bijigabo - Standing Tut;
  • Gwakigabo - Turning And Standing;
  • Akabidab - Constantly Sitting;
  • Gagakamigab - Seated On Earth;
  • Naжиiquevadab - Sitting One.

5. Names that have come from the word "bird":

  • Vabishkobineshi - the Pure Bird;
  • Ozhavashkobin - the Blue Bird;
  • Makadabineshi - The Dark Bird;
  • Gavitabinesi - Near the Bird;
  • Nizhikebinnessi - A lone bird;
  • Gichibineshi is the Great Bird;
  • Дибишкобинэси - Similar to the Bird;
  • Gagigabinessi is the Eternal Bird.

6. Names that include the animal's name:

  • Makva - the Bear;
  • Migizi - the Eagle;
  • The lizards are Bison;
  • Vagosh - the Fox;
  • Gekek - the Hawk;
  • Nigig - Otter;
  • Bine-Teterev;
  • Adicons - Little Caribou;
  • Maingans - Little Wolf;
  • Gagons - Little Porcupine;
  • Vagosens - Little Fox.
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