World toilet day is a holiday for all inhabitants of the Earth!

There are holidays that cause a smilethe majority of the world's population by its name or orientation. These events can be safely attributed to this. Not so long ago, in 2002, the whole progressive world community enthusiastically celebrated World Toilet Day for the first time. Original and truly cheerful, but also with a deep holiday implication for everyone.

World Toilet Day

When are we celebrating?

What is the World Toilet Day? Its date of celebration falls on November 19. The World Day of the WC was approved in Singapore. At the 2001 International Conference, more than two hundred delegates from various countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America approved the establishment of a holiday dedicated to toilets. By the way, the venue of the conference was not chosen by chance: the state of Singapore today is famous for the purity of allied devices, the irreproachability of public toilets.

world toilet day history

World toilet day. History

Participants who gathered to discuss the problemspublic places of origin, have presented about seventeen national associations devoted to toiletry. They considered the concept of development of a secret business. And the result of the conference was the approval of the World Organization of Toilets and the creation of such an extraordinary holiday.

Reminder to mankind

World toilet day is a reminder to people,that not everyone who lives on planet Earth can use public toilets, to manage their need in special places assigned for this purpose. According to the World Organization, about 40 percent of all residents of countries and continents do not have this opportunity more or less regularly, since public toilets are simply not available. And more than two and a half billion people do not have access to sanitation, including latrines (even with cesspools, as the most primitive of all).

World Toilet Day was approved

Catastrophic consequences

In fact, World Day of Toilet is a holidayby no means comic. He has motivation and deep meaning. The inability to use toilets, public and private, leads to disastrous consequences. They are very harmful to human health, are the causes of diseases, such as, for example, dysentery or digestive system disorders.

The UN Assembly

In its resolution entitled "Sanitation forall "The UN approves in 2013 the celebration of the date - November 19 as a world day. The General Assembly calls for measures to improve toilet sanitation in all countries of the third world, as the most unreliable in this context. Recognized and identified shortcomings regarding the tasks of health services on a global scale. And the existing network "UN Water Resources" now cooperates with the governments of the countries and those participants who are interested in holding the festivities. Today, within the framework of this event, there are activities aimed at drawing attention to sanitation and public toilets, designed to improve their condition and increase the number in some countries. Particular attention is also paid to improving the standards of hygiene and technological improvements.

congratulations on the World Toilet Day

Congratulations on World Toilet Day

In many countries, including Russia, this holidayonly begins to take root. How do they celebrate this date in our country, as it is customary to celebrate it in other places? This event was announced in order to make all toilets around the world a pleasant, clean and bright place. For example, in Cameroon, activities are carried out among the population that are called upon to draw attention to this issue: public places. Great attention is also paid to the improvement and technological power of such important places of hygiene and sanitation. This topic is especially relevant for Cameroon and other African countries, where the standard of living of the main population is extremely low. The main criteria are: accessibility and cleanliness of places.

World Toilet Day

In our country, the holiday took root in a comiccontext is noted at many firms and private companies. Rather, it is perceived as an additional reason to gather and drink, but has its hidden enlightening meaning. After all, in our country, not everything is so well with public toilets, as we would like. And in the outback, or even in a large megalopolis, often there are special places that require close attention of the authorities and the public. Nobody says about any know-how: at least elementary rules of sanitation were observed. But the holiday, which draws attention to the toilets, is precisely called upon to turn to the shortcomings in this regard, to expand and modernize the structure, making the act of emptying as accessible and convenient as possible in the vastness of the whole CIS and Russia. And it would be good for everyone on time and anywhere to find a public clean and pleasant toilet!

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