Unusual bridges of the world

For a long time people have tried to embrace the vast - bypassmountains, cross the seas and oceans. And for these purposes, special structures were created, which struck their uniqueness and outstanding architecture. In this article, we'll look at the most unusual bridges that deserve awards and awards.

Old Europe

Let's start, perhaps, from the Kappelbrücke bridge in Lucerne.It is known for its interior decoration: paintings of the 17th century, which tell of the life of that time. They are still 25 pieces from 110. The bridge itself was built in 1333 and rightfully bears the title of the oldest wooden bridge in Europe. Most of the design was completely lost during the fire, which occurred about 20 years ago. However, even today it attracts tourists from all over the world. Everybody wants to see this bridge-gallery.

unusual bridges

Well, the oldest bridge in Europe isfamous Rialto in Venice. It crosses the Grand Canal from 1181. Almost four hundred years it stood absolutely untouched, and only in 1551 the authorities decided to reconstruct it. They say that their projects were offered by the famous Palladio and Michelangelo, but the young Antonio de Ponte got the right to modernize. This caused criticism and mistrust in high circles, but the architect challenged, and the bridge in perfect condition and today performs its functions.

The longest bridges in the world

So, the first place in this category isChinese Danyang-Kunshan. The length of the structure is exactly 102 miles. The bridge is covered by the railway, which is part of the most high-speed route for the Beijing-Shanghai trains. The construction was started in 2006, and the cost of the project amounted to almost $ 9 million. The weight of the structure is simply colossal - more than 450 thousand tons!

long bridges of the world
Japan's bridges are a real engineering miracle.That there is only an unusual spiral bridge Kavadzu-Nanadaru, built on a high mountain slope, or Kiki, made in the form of the letter "y" and hanging over the abyss without a single support. But perhaps the most significant project is a building called Akashi - the longest suspension bridge in the world. Its full length is almost four kilometers! The bridge was built for twelve years. And the most interesting is that the architects did not try to beat someone's record. It happened. In 1995, when an earthquake hit Japan, it became necessary to add several more sections to the bridge, thanks to which he became a record holder. To date, the total length of all sections is 300 thousand kilometers. Akashi bridge is enough to encircle the Earth 7.5 times!

Do not look down!

Next are the unusual bridges, which are considered to be the highest in the world.

So, a bridge called Millau in France.He even entered the Guinness Book of Records. The height of this masterpiece of technology is 342 meters. The triumphal opening of the project took place in 2004, the President of the country Jacques Chirac cut off the ribbon. According to official data, the cost of the construction was 394 million euros. Passing drivers enjoy the views of the whole of France, and sometimes even fall into the clouds!

suspension bridge
In 2009, the world was stunned by the opening of the Si Do bridge,which rises at a height of about 500 meters above the ground. It's higher than Big Ben, the pyramids of Giza, the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower! The bridge is located in the gorge of the Chinese province of Hubei. By the way, its construction was also very unusual. Due to the inconvenience of the terrain, there was no possibility to use cranes or helicopters. Then in the course went special missiles, which tied more than a kilometer of cable. The missiles were forwarded to the other side of the gorge. So that not only the bridge itself is unique, but also the way of its construction too.

Another significant project in the category "unusualbridges of the world "is a heavenly bridge. Its other name is Langkawi. It is located in Sky Bridge, and can be reached by a cable car. Langkawi is a pedestrian bridge. Its length is over one hundred meters, and its height is about 700 meters above sea level. Walking along the bridge, you can admire the most beautiful views of tropical forests and Malaysian mountain ranges.

Unique design

The unusual bridges of Singapore, which amaze the imagination, are the Helix Bridge and the Henderson Waves.

Let's start, perhaps, with Heliks.This bridge is not similar to others due to its appearance - it resembles the structure of DNA. The opening of the structure occurred in early 2010. The bridge is mainly made of steel. And he gives special attention to special lighting, which was achieved with the help of LED tapes. It is this unique design that underlines.

the most unusual bridges
Another amazing bridge in Singapore is the WavesHenderson. It was specially designed to give the outlines of waves. The building connects two urban parks and allows you to admire the most beautiful views of Singapore. At night the bridge is beautifully illuminated, which gives it even more mystery. The main components of the structure are wood and steel. The tree serves as an ornament to the park zone of the bridge, and steel is the structural basis. Henderson's waves are equipped with observation platforms and benches, which makes them a wonderful sightseeing corner.

Unusual arrangement of bridges

The wheel of Falkirk impresses with its appearance.After all, as the name implies, the bridge resembles a wheel. But the main feature of the project is its internal arrangement. To date, the Falkirk Wheel is not just a bridge, but the first and only lift in the world for ships. The design is capable of making a revolution of 180 degrees. The vessel swims into the first tier of the bridge, then the structure turns and moves the boat to the upper tier. This is truly unusual!

The Slauerhofbrug Bridge is a bizarre structureLeeuwarden. Its construction was caused by a huge number of shipping vehicles in the country. It was necessary to build a bridge that could descend and climb back quickly enough. And Slauerhofbrug became such a decision. It was built in 2000 on the basis of hydraulics. The bridge has iron and steel structures that allow it to descend and climb 10 times a day.

Foggy Albion

construction of bridges
There are unusual bridges in England.The Tower Bridge is known all over the world. He is a visiting card of the country and a symbol of London. The discovery took place in 1894. The prince of Wales was present. The Tower Bridge is one of the most recognizable in the world. Its unusual not only in design, but also in design: with the help of hydraulics, the upper part can move up and down. Thanks to this, large vessels can sail under the bridge.

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge was opened by the Britishqueen in the year 2002. Its uniqueness is that it is capable of bending over. When the structure is tilted in one direction - it turns into a pedestrian road, when the other - under the bridge are large ships.

Another unusual English bridge gotthe name "Rolling". Its construction ended in 2004. On Fridays, the octagonal structure of the bridge is transformed. At the same time during the day he is going back. Such metamorphosis is possible due to unique hydraulics. In general, both the Tower Bridge, and Gateshead, and Rolling - it's drawbridges.

Golden Gate

On the American continent it is worth drawingattention to such large bridges as the Brooklyn in New York and the Golden Gate in San Francisco. Brooklyn Bridge was built in 1883 and became a symbol of the city, its business card and a real decoration.

The Golden Gate is a symbol not only ofSan Francisco, but all of America. They are a kind of gateway to the continent. The construction of the project was spent about 35 million dollars. In 1937, when the bridge was opened, he broke two records at once, becoming the tallest and longest of the suspension bridges in the world. Despite the fact that in the future the record was beaten, the Golden Gate is still popular with its red color and magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean.

Moses Bridge

To the category of "unusual bridges" it is worthit is a structure. It was built in 2011 in the Netherlands and named after the prophet Moses. The unusuality of the bridge is that it, like a trench, divides the water flow on both sides.

unusual bridges of the world
From a distance the structure is absolutely invisible, made of wood and waterproof. Passing along such a bridge, one can feel like Moses, before which the waters of the Red Sea parted.

The bridge received the "Best Building in 2011" award.

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