"Soyuz-Apollo" - cigarettes of reunion of two superpowers

Very few brands of cigarettes can boastsuch vivid and stunning historical facts as those that we now consider. This cigarette is Soyuz-Apollo. Photos of different variants of products of the famous brand are presented in the article below.

Day of docking spacecraft - the date of sale of cigarettes "Soyuz-Apollo"

They arose because of the momentous occasion,which once united the warring nations in conquering the expanses of the cosmic universe. "Soyuz-Apollo" (cigarettes with the names of two ships) was born in honor of a joint flight into outer space.

union apollo cigarettes
The members of this flight were two space rockets- the Soviet Union and the American Apollo. The rockets that started from the cosmodromes of the two major powers were withdrawn to near-earth space, and there, close to each other, opened the floodgates for the transition. Thus, for a certain time, two spacecraft of the opposing states have become a single device. The peoples of the whole world witnessed a historical act, broadcast in the broadest sense of the word everywhere, on all television channels.

The distant 1975th

When the cigarettes "Soyuz-Apollo" appeared for the first timeon the market of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics? It was only in 1975. Their first production was dedicated exactly to the moment when the Soviet and American spacecraft were mated.

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"Soyuz-Apollo" (cigarettes, symbolizingthe interaction of two large states) could easily be bought back in 1975, they reappeared on the shelves of tobacco shops now, because they rightly deserve the admiring reviews of consumers, despite all the warnings of the Ministry of Health that smoking can lead to decreased potency and the development of lung cancer. Everyone has the right to evaluate their own health.

And if at the moment buy cigarettes"Soyuz-Apollo" is extremely easy, then in those days of the Soviet Union, their cost was quite high - as much as 1.5 rubles per pack (in those days it was a round sum for such a product). And in addition to the high price, these cigarettes were considered quite a serious deficit. Free access to cigarettes "Soyuz-Apollo", which included the famous Virginia tobacco, was provided only to representatives of the party elite society, ordinary citizens were given the opportunity to get the coveted pack exclusively for incredible money, buying it from speculators.

From deficiency to disappearance

During the period of the introduction of the Soviet Armed Forces into the Republic of Afghanistan, the cooling of bilateral relations arose, for the same reason the production of Soyuz-Apollo cigarettes was stopped.

However, on this famous story of the famousthe brand could not and should not have ended. And cigarettes, like Phoenix, recovered from the ashes of the Soviet Union already in the mid-nineties, allowing smokers of the Russian Federation to enjoy not only the ubiquitous freedom, but also the aroma of long-known and beloved tobacco. And from 1995 to the present moment, legendary cigarettes are produced exclusively in the Russian Federation - at a tobacco factory in the Krasnodar region, it is also a private property of Philip Morris.

when the Apollo Union cigarettes appeared

According to Nielsen, the last few yearscigarettes "Soyuz-Apollo" supported the level in the market in the range of 1, -1.4% for the total volume of production in the food issue and 1-1.1% - in the financial one.

At present, the brand's passion foris weakening. According to experts in the field of tobacco expertise, in the Russian Federation of the 21st century, the tobacco brand in the Soviet Union lost its meaning and significance: the Russian citizens completely do not feel the pride of the state's success in space issues, symbolized by the Union-Apollo ". These cigarettes were then the most popular among fans of imported tobacco.

From classics to a wide range

When "Soyuz-Apollo" appeared, these cigarettes became the first brand of Soviet times, the tobacco products of which were produced in a rigid pack.

date of sale of cigarettes Union Apollo

In 1998, after the full production process was established, a newer version of the legendary cigarettes was released - "Special", and in 2001 - "Special Lights".

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