What do you mean "chickens in the autumn believe"? Proverbial interpretation

Proverbs and sayings are a meeting of the peoplewisdom. In them we find advice, remarks, warnings. The proverb "chickens in the fall" believe "also has a wise interpretation. It has some kind of recommendatory character. In this article we will consider what it means "chicks in the fall believe." We learn, in connection with which this proverb appeared.

The meaning of phraseology

Sometimes people are prematurely happy, anticipatingpositive results. But wise people say that over time, much can change, you need to wait for the final results. Do the totals when the work is completed. That's what it means "chicks in the fall believe."

This proverb is very popular, thereforefor sure many already know its significance. But does everyone think about where it came from, why did our ancestors say so? Let's find out the reason for creating this expression, understand its deep meaning.

The history of the proverbial origin

Our ancestors knew the world around them, and theirlife experience was conveyed through various expressions, which eventually became stable word combinations, sayings with an instructive meaning. Many of them have survived and have survived to this day, as the proverb we are considering. It was created by observing the peasants for the life of chickens. Many of these chicks born in the summer did not live to see the fall. They could die for various reasons: because of the sabotage of predators, diseases, etc. Therefore, they said that chickens should be counted in autumn, that is, in autumn.

What do the chicks mean in the fall?

This expression began to apply not only to poultry. It was used in various cases, when someone wanted to express the idea that judging the cases is based on the final results.

We examined where the expression came from and what it means "chicks in the fall believe." And as a proverb is used in practice, we learn further.

Examples of using an expression

This proverb is found in the media, literature and in colloquial speech. Due to its relevance at all times, it is used often.

Especially the proverb was actively used inthe times of the five-year plans, when all were chasing after large-scale results. For example, we meet her in Sergei Voronin's novel Two Lives. There is a dialogue in which one side says that at the end of the fourth year of the five-year plan, the party will get good results, and the other answers that the chickens in the fall are considered.

the proverb of chickens in the fall

This proverb is also used in the novel by Semyon Babaevsky "The Cavalier of the Golden Star". In it, Ragulin notes that it is still unknown who will do more during this five-year plan: in the autumn, chickens are considered.

It is necessary to wait for the results before drawing conclusions. That's what it means "chicks in the fall believe." This is illustrated by examples from Soviet classical prose.

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