A deer farm in a picturesque corner of Transcarpathia

On the territory of Ukraine is the only one inits kind of deer farm "Lipcha". Not far from Khust is a small village, where a farm was established on the base of the former Michurin collective farm, where spotted deer are bred. What kind of animals are they and how did they get into Transcarpathia, let's consider this article.

Description of the animal and its natural habitat

Spotted deer - graceful animals, homelandwhich is the eastern part of Russia. Broad-leaved forests are spread in this region. Oaks are the most common trees in these places. In winter, deer feed on acorns, looking for them under a snow layer. In the summer, their diet consists of all kinds of herbs, as well as foliage of bushes and low trees.

deer farm

Since spotted deer live on the FarEast, they often go to the sea coast. Here they do not disdain to have a snack of seaweed, crabs or fish that were thrown ashore during the surf.

Animals have a slender and graceful physique.The females are considerably inferior in size to males, whose body can reach 2 m in length. The adult weight exceeds 130 kg. Spotted deer have branched horns. Color varies with the time of year. In the summer - spotted, in the winter - monophonic.

This is the kind of deer that is in the natural environmentlives exclusively in Primorsky Krai, where their number is no more than 1000 heads. Animals often become prey to wolves. Such cases most often occur in the spring, when after wintering the body is weakened and the deer is not able to quickly escape from the predator. The deer are susceptible to attack by bears, tigers, lynxes, foxes and raccoon dogs.

Deer farm "Lipcha"

The territory of the farm is about 57 hectares.This is a fenced part of the forest, which is under protection. It is here that the Manchu spotted deer live. The first individuals were brought here in 1987, but in the early 2000s these animals were on the verge of destruction. In 2003 the deer farm "Agromria" received a "new breath". Now there are 140-150 individuals of spotted deer.

reindeer farm sticky

In summer animals prefer to go into the forest,feeding on their natural food, but in winter, they have to take care of their contents. To feed a large herd, farmers need to stock up to 15 tons of mixed fodder and 10 tons of hay.

Why are they reindeer?

A deer farm exists not only on funds,received from visitors. Reindeer cultivation is quite profitable. Every year, farmers cut down the antlers (young horns), and hand over to pharmacists. Later they are used for the preparation of medicine - "Pantokrina".

This drug is used for general strengthening of the immune system, with neurasthenia, neuroses, anemia, for the normalization of digestive and metabolic processes.

Pantas grow in deer very quickly. For a day they can increase by a couple of centimeters. A few months will pass and they will be ready for a cut again.

Tourist Excursions

Spotted deer - majestic and gracefulanimals, so many tourists want to see them in all the splendor. Places where the deer farm is located, resemble a paradise, hidden among the rich and picturesque nature of Transcarpathia. Here you can see not only graceful deer, but also visit the valley of the daffodils to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

deer farm sticky near the hawk

Tourists can visit these places not only in the summer. In winter, farm doors are also open to visitors. You can get to the territory from 8 am to 19 pm.

"Lipcha" is located 8 km from Khust, so it's quite easy to get to the village. There are buses from the district center. You can also book a taxi or come by your own car.

A deer farm will be very popular with both adults and kids.

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