James Stewart is a talented actor of the last century

James Stewart - one of the most famousmovie actors of America. This man is famous for his great game, as well as emotional range. He starred in comedies, melodramas, dramas, thrillers, detectives, etc. His biography is quite interesting and diverse, so many people remember him and still love all the films with James Stewart.

James Stewart. Biography of the actor

Jimmy Stewart was born on May 20, 1908 in the USA. The actor graduated from Princeton University, where he studied architecture. In the years of his studies, James met with director Joshua Logan. After graduation, the future famous actor decided to enroll in his group, where he met Henry Fonda, who became his best friend for the rest of his life. Already in 1935 James Stewart made his debut in Hollywood. It is worth noting that the following year, the ex-wife of Stuart's best friend Margaret Sullavan insisted that it was James who became her partner in the film. After the role in "When we again fall in love", Stewart's film career went up the hill.

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War time

In the autumn of 1940, James Stewart was called upon toserve in the army, but due to the fact that the weight of the man was too small, the medical board rejected him. However, James really wanted to get into the US army and did not accept his decision. The man began to engage with a regular coach in order to gain the necessary weight and become a private. Already in the spring of 1941, James again repeated his attempt and came to the medical board. It is worth noting that Stewart did not gain the necessary weight, however, he still managed to persuade the doctors to close their eyes to a couple of missing kilograms.

Already on March 22 James Stewart was enlisted in the armyUSA as a volunteer. It is also important that the well-known actor became the first large-scale Hollywood star, who boldly and proudly wore a military uniform during the Second World War.

At the end of the war, James became a colonel, which indicates his courage and courage. Stewart is one of the few who managed to pass this way from a simple private.

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James Stewart. Filmography of the actor

After the actor starred in a number of films in 1938year, his cooperation with Frank Capra began. In the same year, James Stewart starred in the film "You can not take with you." This picture was included in the gold fund of the Hollywood classics, which, undoubtedly, testifies to the magnificent play of the actor.

The following year, James starred in the movie "Mr.Smith is going to Washington. " In this picture, the actor played a provincial loser. It is worth noting that the role in this film has become one of the best and most outstanding men in the pre-war career. It is important that, thanks to this picture, James was first nominated for an Oscar.

In 1941, a talented actor won the Oscar forrole played in the movie "Philadelphia Story". James himself often said that his best friend Henry Fonda deserved this award. There was a rumor that he presented the statuette to his father, who for a long time exhibited it in the window of his store in order to attract visitors.

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James's career after the war

It is important to note that after returning from the war inJames's career was stagnant. But this does not mean that Stewart lost his former popularity. He was still the favorite of the audience, however, the films he shot in the aftermath of the war could not repeat such success as the pictures shot before the war. In this regard, the actor decided to try himself in a completely new genre for him - a western. Already in 1950, he starred in two paintings: "Winchester-73" and "Broken Arrow". The role in the first picture was important for him, because Stewart showed himself to the audience more tough, and also brutal.

In the fifties, James starred in films,which are very fond of the public. "Rope", "The Man Who Knew Too Much", "Vertigo" became one of the favorite films of the audience, in which the talented Stuart was shot.

It is worth noting that in the sixties Jimmyappeared on the screens in only two genres - a western and family comedies. Pictures with his participation went out less and less often, and in the seventies the favorite of the public announced his departure from the big cinema. But this statement did not become the end of Stuart's acting career, because back in the 80's came out pictures with his participation.

In 1985, James Stewart received an Oscar for his life achievements.

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The personal life of James Stewart

Not only a talented actor, but also a veteranThe second world war is precisely James Stewart. A photo of a man can be found in magazines, newspapers and the Internet, because he has become quite popular over the years of his acting career. In connection with the popularity of James was and there is a huge number of fans who are interested in the personal life of a talented actor.

Stuart preferred to never show his private life for show. He did not like to talk about this with journalists, and was never seen in quarrels and scandals with his chosen ones.

It is worth noting that James remained enviablethe groom until 1949. It was this year that he took in his wife Gloria Macklin. The woman had two children from another marriage, whom Stewart adopted. In 1951, the couple were born twin daughters. It is important that the man has always remained an exemplary family man and just a decent person.

Everyone who was familiar with and closely associated with JamesStuart, they spoke of him as a good and decent man. Jimmy is not only a good person, but also a very talented actor. His roles will be remembered for all viewers and fans of his work for many years.

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