Kazan: National Cultural Center as a guardian of traditions and customs

Coming to Kazan, the National Cultural Centerworth a visit one of the first. This is a whole complex, which is a multi-disciplinary cultural institution. It consists of a museum of national cultures and a cultural-mass association.

Location of the center

The institution is relatively young, founded in 1991. It was entrusted with the functions of cultural and educational purpose, as well as educational and leisure-entertainment.

As many buildings, personifying Kazan,the center has a bright and original design. Although its construction fell on rather difficult times, the building is monumental and memorable. On the bright orange brick walls the images of the banners clearly stand out.

Kazan National Cultural Center

Not only Sultan-Galiyev Square makes such arecognizable Kazan. National Cultural Center, the address of which is st. Pushkin 86, is located close to this main sight of the city. Therefore, tourists certainly visit a cultural institution, which regularly hosts interesting events.

Activities undertaken

In addition to a recognizable architectural solution, the centeris famous for the international conferences held on a regular basis on various topics. In this regard, there are always interesting people here, and employees are ready to receive guests of the highest level.

Kazan national cultural center address

To form an integral opinion, it follows thatcertainly visit the National Cultural Center. Kazan, whose description of life is very curious, very carefully reveals itself in the collected exhibits. The staff of the museum, located in the center, carefully and carefully collect various things related to the past of the city. Kazan was always famous for its historical traditions. The National Cultural Center, in addition to museum work, conducts an active propaganda of the national customs, traditions and way of life of the native Tatar people.

Place of cultural heritage

The Kazan National Cultural Center has all the conditions for holding diplomatic meetings and dinners. For this purpose:

  1. Marble Hall, the area of ​​which is 190 square meters. m.
  2. The exhibition hall with a total area of ​​more than 408 square meters. m.
  3. Balcony gallery - 160 square meters. m.

For participants of meetings and conferences constantlyorganize concert programs. International guests can use the guest room. A lecture room is provided for scientific meetings.

For entertainment guests center, the joy of residents andguests of the city on the square near the National Center are organizing fairs. For the convenience of visitors, the NCC "Kazan" is equipped with cozy restaurants and a souvenir shop.

Structure of the National Center "Kazan"

Today the center is a multidisciplinary cultural institution, leading a full-fledged work to revive national customs. The center consists of:

  • the museum of the 1000th anniversary of Kazan;
  • the museum of A. Mazitov;
  • B. Urmanche Museum;
  • gallery-studio I. Zaripov;
  • K.Vasilyev's picture gallery;
  • the city philharmonic society;
  • educational and lecture audiences;
  • concert halls;
  • service infrastructure, which includes a restaurant, a bar, lounges and a souvenir shop.

Represent Kazan National Cultural Centeroffers contemporary artists, musicians, photographers, sculptors. All talented people can put their work in the center. The main condition for the creation of the exposition is the revival of interethnic and cultural ties.

Exposition to the 1000th anniversary of Kazan

Since August, 25th, 2005 the Kazan cultural centerpresents a unique exposition prepared for the 1000th anniversary of the oldest city. Through scrupulously collected materials of a documentary and artistic sample, Kazan is revealed as a unique capital of the Tatar people.

Thanks to the collected materials, it can be clearly seen that Kazan was the city that united the Tatars. Already later they were joined by the peoples of the Volga region, turning the city into a cultural center of Russia.

In the halls of the museum complex unique exhibits are presented. Here you can see:

  • the most ancient anthropomorphic miniature figures;
  • a collection of Sasanian silver;
  • the Golden Horde coins;
  • a genuine grand piano on which S. Rakhmaninov accompanied during the concerts of F. Chaliapin.

In the center of the exposition the throne, on which the rulers of the city sat, proudly flaunts. It is framed by picturesque panels with views of ancient Kazan and objects of everyday life.

Of particular interest is the crown of mighty khans. It is known as the Kazan cap. This exhibit also has the National Cultural Center "Kazan"

national cultural center казань photo

Reviews left by museum visitorscomplex, often notice that the management seeks not only to find and preserve ancient things and documents. Employees try to reconstruct lost historical things that are irretrievably irreversible.

Center for International Communication

Thanks to the reviews, the center is keen to visitonly tourists from Russia. Guests from abroad are often guests of the museum complex, so tours are conducted not only in Tatar and Russian, but also in German and English.

national cultural center kazan description

In the museum halls you can enjoyart and historical exhibitions. There are organized literary evenings, concerts of classical music, meetings with interesting people. For those involved, master classes on embroidery, graphics, leather mosaic are held.

national cultural center kazan reviews
The National Cultural Center "Kazan", whose photo is presented in the article, is open daily, except Monday.

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