Stephen Strait: Biography and Career

Today, let's talk about the next talent of the American film industry.

Stephen Strait - a famous American film actor, rock musician and singer, fashion model.

Steven Straight

Widely known to the viewer for the films "Aerobatics" and "Space".


Stephen Strait was born in 1986, on March 23, in New York, USA. His childhood spent in the west of Manhattan - Greenwich Village. The origin of the actors is Dutch-Italian.

Stephen grew up at seven, not alone, but with his younger sister. The actor's mother kept the championship on the east coast for a long time in karate, has a black belt.

Already in the sixth grade, young Stephen began to learnactor's skill, visited a circle in the Village Community School. In his 10 years, Stephen Strait worked as a model, his photographs were published in such magazines as Spoon magazine, Pop magazine, L'uomo Vogue. Collaborated with eminent and professional photographers - Bruce Weber, Ellen von Anvert.

At the age of 14, the boy was transferred to a Jesuit preparatory school, where he attended courses at the Adler Stella Actorship Studio.

Little is known about Streit's personal life. In December 2007, he married actress Lynn Collins, but five years later broke up with her.


For the first time on the screen, Stephen Strait debuted in one of the series "The Third Shift," which was broadcast on network television in New York in 2001.

Further, Straight moved to California, beingconfident that there are more chances to find a job and build a successful acting career. In his first casting, Stephen won a major role in the film "Aerial Aerobatics", where he was supposed to play the super-hero Warren Pis. Also for this film, the actor acted as the executor of the soundtrack.

The hero of the film "Unresolved" - the character LukeThe flacon played by Steve is a musician dreaming of fame. The picture was warmly received by the audience. During the viewing of the film you can hear as many as seven full tracks in the performance of the hero of this article. Stephen Strait, whose photo is presented below, has a multifaceted talent.

Stephen Straight filmography

With the musical group Tride, he has a special relationship, he writes lyrics for the musicians to the songs.


Stephen Strait, whose filmography is small, has always had a good ability to enter the role, experienced really all the emotions of his character.

Movies in chronological order:

  • "Aerobatics", 2005, played Pee Warren.
  • Unresolved, the role of musician Flacon Luke, the film appeared on the screen in 2005.
  • "Deal with the devil," the actor played one of the main roles, the character of Caleb Danvers (2006).
  • In 2008, the spectator was presented for viewing the film "Ten thousand years before our era," Stephen Strait played D "Lech.
  • In the same year, the picture "War on Duress" appeared on the screen, the actor was played by Michael Coulson.
  • Comedy drama of 2009, "City Island" caused a storm of emotion in the American audience, Straight played Tonny Nardell.
  • Three years later the movie "Magic City" was released, our Steve played Stephen Evans.
  • In the fantastic series "Space", which was released in 2015, Stephen Strait played the role of James Holden.

Stephen Strait photo

Today, Straight continues to replenish the list of his achievements and played roles. We wish good luck to the actor and more new promising roles. We hope to see Steven more often on television screens.

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