James Thompson - a fighter capable of much

James Thompson is a fighter. The biography of the athlete is completely connected with the sport. He won in 20 battles out of 34.


James was born on December 16, 1978 in Rochdale,county of Greater Manchester. Thompson never saw his father, he was brought up by his mother. Since childhood, the boy has seriously become interested in sports. In the school team on baseball, he was one of the best. Later he became interested in bodybuilding, worked as a bouncer, and then as a collector (debt collector).

James Thompson

In parallel, James Thompson was involved in sports, bought discs with video lessons in boxing, jujitsu and wrestling. This was the first step towards the professional future of the fighter.

Career and achievements

Career James began in the English club"Ultimate battle." As a professional in martial arts debuted in the winter of 2003. Then he defeated the opponent already in the first round by the use of forearm asphyxiation. The loser demanded a rematch, but also there James Thompson won.

After that he took part in the Combate championships, where he won several times in a row.

But at one of the championships in Georgia, James was defeated by a knockout from Tengiz Tedoradze. After that, the former enthusiasm was extinguished, but soon the fighter returned to the ring again.

After such brilliant victories by Jamesone of the largest fighting organizations in Japan became interested. Thompson conducted his starry duel unsuccessfully. Russian heavyweight Emelianenko Alexander sent him to the knockout at the eleventh second. Despite this, he remained in the organization and later won several victories over the famous fighters Gigant Silva, Henry Miller, Jon Olav Einemo, Don Fry.

James Thompson fighter biography

Then a series of failures followed. Only in 2011 James Thompson began to win. In 2014, he signed a contract with a major world fighting company and brilliantly performed in the ring, beating a technical knockout.

James Thompson has made great strides in the sport only because of his aspirations and perseverance.

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