Water balance is the most important indicator of the ecosystem

Water is one of the most important components of our life. Speaking about water, one should not forget about such a concept as the water balance. Let's start with the definition.

water balance

Water balance - parity of income, changesreserve of water and its consumption in a certain period of time. It takes into account all the water on the Earth in liquid, gaseous and solid state. For sushi (which has a runoff to the ocean) evaporation is numerically equal to the quantitative value of precipitation, if we subtract river and underground runoff from them. And for the world ocean - the sum of precipitation, river flow and groundwater inflow from the continents. If we talk about closed (inundated) areas of land and the entire Earth as a whole, then the evaporation is correlated with the precipitation.

This is a very important indicator, so for himA special equation is derived that calculates the water balance used to carry out the balance sheet. Thus, the volumes of renewable water resources in large areas, remaining as a result of the water cycle in nature, are calculated. Also this indicator is determined for lakes, rivers, oceans and soil.

The water balance of the lake is determined frominflow of atmospheric precipitation, groundwater and surface water, taking into account the change in the water level in the lake at the time interval of interest. By the same principle, the water balance of reservoirs is also calculated. The use of river, lake and groundwater for water supply to the population and industry, irrigation of plants significantly changes the balance of water balance and its elements. Its calculation is also necessary to implement a variety of practical actions: predicting the flow of water into the mines, careers, design and work on measures to manage the water regime. In many respects, the water balance is influenced by natural long-term and seasonal fluctuations, but even more - changes as a result of active human activity. Elements of water balance are measured at hydrometeorological and hydrogeological stations.

water balance of lakes

There is also such a thing aswater balance - the ratio between the arrival and consumption of water on a certain part of the earth's surface for an interesting period of time when accounting for human economic activities. This indicator helps to analyze and assess the water availability of the basin. In the event that the balance has a negative indicator, it is a question of the need for measures to cover the water deficit.

water balance of soil
The water balance of the soil is proportional toratio of the amount of water that enters the soil, and the one that is consumed from it for a certain period of time. It is calculated if necessary to know the level of water availability of local plants. Depending on the ratio of the measured variables, the mode is defined as:

  • permafrost;
  • washing;
  • periodically flushing;
  • non-washable;
  • exudate;
  • irrigation.

The concept of "water balance" is also used forassess the state of the human body, namely the water content in the blood and cells. This is a very important indicator, the normal state of health of a person, the speed of metabolism and the absorption of nutrients depend on it.

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