Alexander Molochko: biography, personal life, career

On protection of clients and consumers the channel has risen"Friday". After the stunning success of the Revizorro program, caring people and fans began to ask the famous TV presenter Helen Letuchiy to check not only unscrupulous owners of restaurants and hotels, but also holders of markets and grocery stores.

Complaints about the situation and overdue goods forced the representatives of the channel to stand up for the protection of consumers and conduct their own journalistic investigation. Then a new show appeared - "Magazin".

Alexander Molochko
And the new agent for the struggle for consumer rightsAlexander Molochko, who reveals his eyes to the products he bought, tells the sellers and store owners about their shortcomings. According to the recommendations of the presenter, you can find out which stores are best visited and which ones to bypass.

Who is Alexander Molochko?

Alexander was born in Moscow in 1994, isactor of drama theater and cinema. At the moment, the people's choice and the fighter for justice in the new television program "Magazine". He became a universal favorite and achieved stunning ratings in a very short time. He masterfully knows how to defend his point of view without getting into conflicts. His easy attitude with a slice of humor softens even the disgruntled sellers.

A little bit about personal

By the way, Molochko is the real name of the TV presenter. He often jokes that the accent in his surname is incorrectly put - Molochko, which resembles the name of a dairy store.

alexander molochko biography

Alexander Molochko admits that because of hishis classmates constantly invented nicknames for him, he even wanted to change his last name, but after thinking carefully, he decided not to do so. He is an artist, which means he will not be lost with such a name.

Alexander Molochko, whose biography is practicallyunknown, graduated from RUTI GITIS. Played in the play "Zoykina apartment" on the stage of the Theater Studio. The TV presenter does not have an official marriage, he has no children, but he is credited with a novel with the famous Russian figure skater Adeline Sotnikova. The TV presenter does not want to leave the stage and acting. He is sure that the image of the checking shops and markets gives him the acting experience and the ability to rebuild in difficult situations. Soon, the presenter plans to combine the career of the lead and actor.

Alexander is fond of reading poetry and memorizing them by heart, as the TV presenter is engaged in professional shooting and dreams of jumping with a parachute.


Alexander Molochko, whose photo adorns the splash screen of the famous program, is very fond of helping people. That's why he willingly took part in the casting for the role of the lead program.

alexander molochko photo

He understands that it is very difficult for an ordinary personto recognize a goods that are unfit for consumption. Sometimes unscrupulous sellers do not even put on labeled products on packaged products. People need to know if the store is working properly, whether fresh products are being delivered and how properly they should be stored. Its task is to open the eyes of consumers to the modern situation in stores and show ordinary people what shops are best to visit and which ones are not.

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