Besletsky Bridge - one of the most unusual sights of Abkhazia

Abkhazia is a country with a unique and originalculture, whose inhabitants cherish their ancient traditions and traditions. In the territory of this small state, many monuments of nature and architecture have been preserved. One of them - Besletsky Bridge, or the bridge of Queen Tamara. What is interesting for this building and who will be interested in visiting it?

The legend of the heroic structure of the bridge of Queen Tamara

Besletsky Bridge

Today one of the most famous bridges of Abkhaziastudied by architects and engineers. Despite the exact establishment of a series of facts about the erection of this object, many locals still believe in the poetic legend of the appearance of a landmark. Once upon a time ago, enemy invaders attacked local lands. Significant damage foreigners have inflicted on local towns and villages. The brave highlanders wanted to teach them a lesson and drive away the abusers for good. The warriors gathered and decided to attack the enemy from the rear. But for this army it was necessary to quickly cross the rough mountain river. According to legend, the Beslet bridge was built in one night. As materials for its creation were used: local stone and sand, as well as chicken eggs. If you believe the legend, the preparation of mortar needed proteins from 4000 dozen eggs. The bridge was successfully built, brave warriors crossed it and defeated the enemy army.

Photo and description of the attraction

Besleti Bridge Abkhazia

Besletsky Bridge is located within the boundaries of modernthe capital of Abkhazia of the city of Sukhumi. According to the expertise of construction and historical documents, it was erected in the XI-XII century. Presumably the construction of this facility lasted 3-5 years. The bridge serves as a ferry across the Basla river. To date, this landmark is unique for its country because of its venerable age and unusual design.

Besletsky Bridge is a single-span stonearch, a width of 5 meters and a length of 13 meters. If you look at the shape of the structure from the side, you can see the deflection upwards in its middle part. This is a practical solution, thanks to which, even during the spring flood and the rising of water at the mouth of the river after heavy rains, the ferry retained its functionality. On the side faces of the bridge are preserved carved on stone letters. The text is written in Old Georgian, it can be translated as a Christian prayer: "Christ the Lord, exalt in every way in both lives ...". At the base of the bridge you can consider the letter "T" and the image of the cross.

Myths and Facts

The Beslet bridge in Abkhazia is built fromlimestone slabs. Despite its age and lack of restoration, the design is able to withstand even today a load of up to 8 tons. According to legend, instead of cement mortar during construction of the structure, sand, mixed with egg whites, was used. Experts do not believe in the plausibility of this version. However, many experts admit that the secret of the strength and durability of the bridge can really hide in the secret recipe of a binder solution, which could include eggs. Today, Besleti Bridge is recognized as a unique landmark, but it is not protected and remains accessible for self-inspection by tourists. Not far from it there are ruins of watchtowers and an ancient temple.

How to get to the sights?

Besleti Bridge how to get there

If you wish, visit the oldest in Abkhazia archedthe bridge can be independently, without booking an excursion. The attraction is unguarded by anyone and is accessible for inspection at any time of the day. Where is Besletsky Bridge, how to get to it? From the main market of Sukhumi it is necessary to take the city bus 5. You need to leave on the final route, then you have to walk through the walnut grove. The road is short and pleasant, as the scenery of indescribable beauty awaits around the tourists. Attention: it's almost impossible to drive to a bridge on a private car. Even in dry weather, it is recommended to choose an SUV for the trip to this landmark.

Reviews of tourists

Besletsky Bridge in Abkhazia

If during your holiday in Abkhazia you decide to visitin Sukhumi, try to find time to visit the Beslet bridge. It is a unique monument of ancient architecture, located in a picturesque place. What is especially nice - to get to the sights easily as you go, there is no sightseeing fee. Today, the bridge and its ruins look particularly picturesque. Ancient stonework is wrapped with boxwood and ivy, thanks to which the structure resembles a picture from a children's fairy tale book. If you want to make interesting and unusual photos on vacation, you should definitely visit the Beslet bridge. Abkhazia is a country in which there are many picturesque places and interesting architectural buildings. Do not forget that the bridge is not guarded, and if you wish, you can spend a whole photo session near it. It is really possible to walk along the ancient stone crossing. We advise you not to forget to look under your feet, since the surface of the bridge is not exactly equal to an even one.

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