Lea Thompson (Lea Thompson): Selected Filmography

Lea Thompson (Lea Thompson) - director, producer andactress of cinema and television. Her career began with projects such as "Back to the Future", "Picnic in Space", "Howard Duck", "Miracles of a Kind", etc. Now her filmography has more than 80 films and serials. In the article we will get acquainted with it in more detail.

Actress Leah Thompson: Biography

Leah was born in 1961 in Rochester,American town of Minnesota, in the family of Clifford and Barbara Thompson. At the age of seven, she started to practice ballroom dancing. She trained for 4 hours a day and quite succeeded in this. By the age of 14 she managed to perform at many theatrical scenes of her native state, as well as win scholarships from the American Ballet Company and the San Francisco Ballet Company. And she would go further, but the dancer and choreographer Mikhail Baryshnikov advised her to change direction, calling it "too stocky for this."

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In 1987, during the filming of the melodrama "Miraclesa kind of "she met with the director of the picture Howard Deutsch, for whom in 2 years she got married. In the marriage two daughters were born - Zoe and Meidelin. And Zoe, looking at her mother, also decided to become an actress.

Carier start

So, when Leah's dream of becoming a ballerina collapsed,she began to look for a new path for herself. First she moved to New York, where she got a job as a waitress, and later she starred in commercials of the Burger King fast food chain and the Twix chocolate bar. And then the beginning actress began to invite in films. Leah Thompson won her first role in the thriller "Jaws 3D", shot in 1983 by American director Joe Alves.

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In the same year, the actress played one of the maincharacters of the sports drama of Michael Chapman "All the right moves." A little later he appeared in the militant John Milius "Red Dawn" (1984). And in 1985, 1989 and 1990, Lea Thompson took part in the filming of three parts of the science fiction comedy Robert Zemeckis "Back to the Future", where Lorraine played - the mother of Marty McFly.

Thomas the unbeliever instead of his wife

In the adventure film Harry Wyener's "Picnic inCosmos "(1986), the actress played the role of Catherine Fairlie, who dreams of becoming the first woman commander of a spaceship. A member of the rock band and Howard's girlfriend played in the fantastic comedy of Willard Heike "The Howard Duck" (1986). The role of Amanda Jones - the most popular girl in school, she got in the melodrama of Howard Deutsch, "Miracles of a kind" (1987). And as Stacy - the main character, Lea Thompson (Lea Thompson) appeared in the comedy Genevieve Robert "Just Sex" (1989).

In 4 years, the actress received a major role indrama of Eric Laneville "The Stolen Children". She starred in the western of Peter Werner "Instead of his wife" (1994). From 1995 to 1999 she played the role of Carolina Duffy, an artist from Manhattan, in the comedy series NBC's Caroline in New York. And in 2002 she starred in the comedy Chuck DeBas "Fish does not blink."

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In the comedy "Dreams of California", filmed by LindaWuris in 2007, the actress played a real estate agent Ginger. Debbie Smith - a victim of a rapist, played in the television drama Stefan Pleschinski "Break for Life" (2007). And in the image of Claire Miller - the mother of the protagonist, Lea Thompson (Lea Thompson) appeared in the comedic detective Mark Blutman "Thomas the unbeliever" (2008).

Lover of dragon hunters

One of the main roles of the actress was in the thrillerScott Zila "Speed: the last feature" (2008). She played the main character in George Ershbeim's TV fantasy drama "Mrs. Klaus" (2008). And she played the role of Laura, the mother of the twelve-year-old Arthur, in Andrew Loere's fantasy film The Adventures of the Dragonhunter (2010).

In 2011, a romantic comedy was shotBrian Trenchard-Smith "Holiday Home", where the main role was given to Lea Thompson (Lea Thompson). The filmography of the actress in the same year replenished with the drama of Jim Hemphill "Trouble with the truth." A year later she played the main character in the documentary Leslie Zemeckis "Siamese twins" (2012).

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Together with Nicolas Cage, the actress starred inVick Armstrong's thriller "The Left Ones" (2014). One of the main characters played in the drama of Alex Ranarivelo "Lover of dogs" (2016). And in the period from 2011 to 2017, the actress played the permanent role of Kathryn Cannish - housewife and biological mother Daphni, in the family drama ABC channel "They were confused in the hospital."

New items

And now, with regard to future projects, inwhich still will be Leah Thompson. Movies with her participation will be available in 2017. It's about comedies: "Literally before Aaron" and "The Year of the Impressive Man." And the director of the last project is herself Leah Thompson. She also took part in the filming of the drama Claire Niederpruem "The Little Woman" (2017) and the comedy of Jan Samuels by Sierra Burgess is a Loser (2018).

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