Three great truths that proverbs and sayings about nature reveal to us

The beauty of Russian nature has always surprised otherspeoples. Yes, and that's strange, because we have forests and thick, and wild beast, original. Where else can you see this? Especially now, when the technogenic world absorbs everything around, even what needs to be protected more than the apple of the eye. After all, as the saying goes: "The earth is like a plate: what you put, you will eat."

But unfortunately, not many remember this wisdom. And all because proverbs and sayings about nature began to evaporate from our speech. In the long run, it can play a cruel joke with all of us. After all, they have taught us for three great truths for many centuries.

sayings about nature

Truth one: love nature, because she is the mother of all living things

What do ancient proverbs and sayings teach us? Man and nature are one, and in this is the great truth of the universe. After all, if there is no land-mother, then humanity will quickly come to an end. Where then will it grow food, take water and graze cattle?

That is why many Slavic sages taughtthat we need to love the world around us, and then he will answer us with reciprocity. And this attitude was traced in everything that they did. Even to go through the forest, they sometimes asked permission from nature spirits.

And let now many do not believe that there are otherworldly forces, yet the essence remains the same: a person needs to learn how to love nature.

The second truth: know how to see the world and draw the right conclusions

Many sayings about nature teach how toto perceive those signs that the world shows us. After all, he only looks at first glance taciturn, but in fact he constantly sends us his messages. However, you need to be able to distinguish them, and for this you need to know proverbs and sayings about nature. For example:

  • A gray morning is a red day.
  • The sky before the storm is black cloth.
  • Low swallow flies, it will soon rain.
  • The first snow is like a swan's down.
  • The water flowed from the mountain, brought with it spring.

sayings man and nature

And although the sayings about nature are somewhat similar tosigns, yet their main task is not to show a direct relationship between cause and effect to man. No, they are primarily aimed at teaching him to properly look at the world around him and see him as a wise interlocutor.

Truth Three: Enjoy the Beauty of the World

Now people are so deeply mired in their affairs andworries that they completely forgot about the beauty that surrounds them. But just stop for one minute and look around. And then you will see unprecedented landscapes that you will not see even in the best art galleries.

And sayings about nature are constantly about thispeople just do not understand this. Let's hope that soon it will change, because as the great Spinoza said: "In nature there is nothing that could be attributed to its shortcomings."

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