The biggest cat in the world: it's interesting to know

The largest cat in the world today -it's a liger. A hybrid that appears rarely enough when a lion and a tiger cross in artificial conditions. In living nature, they do not intersect. The tiger lives in Asia, and the lion lives in South and Central Africa.

the biggest cat in the world

Therefore, they give joint offspring only in zoos. And the hybrid of offspring usually does not give, and now in the world there are no more than twenty individuals of ligra.

This strange big creature, combining featuresHis parents, similar to both a lion and a tiger. From the mother, the liger inherits strips throughout the body and a supportive attitude towards the water. Ligers swim well and (which is unusual for the cat family) do it with pleasure. The lion's mane does not exist with a ligra. Usually this largest cat in the world reaches a length of about four meters. The weight of the ligra varies within three hundred kilograms.

However, this is not necessary. The Guinness Book of Records describes a liger weighing nearly eight hundred kilograms, which lived in the zoological garden of Blumfontein (South Africa).

There is also a hybrid in artificial conditionsa tiger and a lioness, but a tigreve or a tigon is a smaller creature, less even than his parents. Not the biggest cat in the world, and less like the largest representative of the cat family of all time - cave tiger.

 the largest cat in the world
However, it is only possible to call a ligra a catgreat animal lovers. It is unlikely that such a creature you want to have at home. For the majority of the world's population, a cat is a small fuzzy who lives at home or near him. He rushes around the house like a madman, sweeping away everything that is on his way, or sleeping, curled up in a ball. In a word, it creates a family cosiness.

The largest domestic cat in the world is called Maine Coon.

This species appeared a long time ago. Back in the nineteenth century Maine Coon took part in cat shows.

Contrary to popular belief, despiteimpressive size, the maine coon has nothing to do with the lynx, nor the reed cat or raccoon. Yes, this is a fairly large creature weighing up to fourteen kilograms. But unlike many other breeds, Maine Coon is very balanced. The character is solid, Nordic, but the cat itself is very curious and good-natured.

the largest domestic cat in the world
This is the largest cat in the world is unlikely to lie onknees from the owner. Dimensions and weight will not allow him to find a comfortable position. And not everyone will be able to withstand such a long time for a long time. But this cat is not worse than the dog will accompany the owner in his campaigns, it will be with interest and pleasure to follow what the owner will do. And, most importantly for fans of peace and quiet, the maine-coon does not know how to meow at all, or rather, to do it.

This cat only knows how to grumble and coo.Maine Coon likes society, unlike many other breeds, communicates well with oneself like. He looks like a reed cat, his ears often have tassels like a lynx, a cat likes cool places and tolerates water.

It is believed that this is the largest cat in the worldhas a wild progenitor who still lives in the steppes of the American continent, but Maine Coon loves the house too much and treats people too well to assert something like that. Maine Coon - just a good friend of man and a wonderful hunter for rodents. However, appreciate this breed is not for her hunting talent.

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