All about the star: Jane Atkinson

Jane Atkinson is an American actress, for hercareer had time to play more than thirty popular films and television series. The most famous projects with her participation are the series "X-Files", "Law and order", "24 hours", the films "Free Willy" and "The Mysterious Forest".


The future actress was born in the English cityBournemouth. When she was 9 years old, her family moved to the United States. Atkinson grew up in Hollywood (Florida). In 1977 she graduated from high school, and was chosen by the Queen of the prom.

In the same year, Jane Atkinson moved to Chicago and the next three years studied drama at Northwestern University.

Career in cinema

For the first time, Atkinson appeared on the big screen in1993, playing Annie Greenwood in the family movie "Free Willy." Despite the mixed reviews of critics, the picture quickly became a box-office hit and is still a recognized classic of the genre.

Jane Atkinson

In the movie "Free Willie 2" the role of Annie Greenwoodagain played Jane Atkinson. The films of this franchise were successful with the audience, but the second part did not have such commercial success as the first one. In the final film of the trilogy "Free Willie 3: Salvation", the actress was no longer acting.

In 2004, Jane Atkinson performed a smallrole in the mystical horror film "The Mysterious Forest" by M. Knight Shyamalan. With a budget of $ 60 million, the picture grossed $ 256 million and is still one of the highest grossing horror stories in the history of cinema.

Roles on TV

Her first major role in the television series is an actresswas in 1986, playing Lindley Eisenberg in the "Year of Life". Initially, it was planned that there will be two seasons of the television series, but due to low ratings it was closed after the first season.

Among the television works of Jane Atkinson is also worth noting the television series "The X-Files", in which she appeared in 1995 (the episode "Terrifying Symmetry").

Another important project in the filmography of the actress is the detective TV series "Law and Order", in several episodes of which she played.

From 2006 to 2007, Atkinson worked on a political thriller "24 hours", in which she played the role of agent Karen Hayes. In total, this television series was watched by more than 13 million spectators.

Jane Atkinson Movies

Personal life

The actress has been married to theatrical actor Michael Gill for almost thirty years. They met in 1989 while working on the play "The Heir". A couple has a son.

Together, the couple appeared in the political TV series "House of cards": Atkinson played Secretary of State Catherine Durand, and Gill - President Garrett Walker.

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