One of the founders of the social network Facebook Chris Hughes: biography, achievements and interesting facts

With the advent of the world-famous socialnetwork Facebook, began active conversations about its creator and ideological inspirer. Who was able to implement such a large-scale project? Who is Chris Hughes and where did he come from in the entrepreneurial horizon of the United States?

Chris Hughes


And it all began on November 26, 1983 in a smallthe town of Hickory, in the US state of North Carolina. On this day a long-expected son was born to an ordinary school teacher and a paper seller. Hughes Chris was brought up strictly, according to the commandments of the Evangelical Lutheran church. The boy was very gifted from childhood.

After graduating from high school, he enters the AcademyPhillips, that in the city of Andes Over (Massachusetts). After graduating from the Academy, Chris Hughes goes to study at one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world - Harvard. Harvard University he graduated with honors in 2006. A bachelor's degree in literature and the history of the humanities opens up a lot of doors for the guy. However, the guy was always closer to theory rather than practice. He was closer to computer programs, technology and precise mathematics.

 hughes chris

First successes

During his studies (in 2004), Chris Hughestries himself in the computer field. Together with three smart and ambitious guys, while still a student at Harvard, he invests all his money in the development and creation of a social network. A few months later the guys became rich. The Facebook network was growing rapidly, it was very popular among Americans, it was gaining momentum around the world, thus bringing young people a decent income.

Work on the presidential program

In 2008, when Barack Obama decidedrun for president, he needed to create a social program, thought out and properly presented. Turned the future president of the United States to a young entrepreneur, already known to us Chris Hughes.

Chris somewhat retreats from working in Facebook,leaving a place on the board of directors, and completely immersed in a new for him, but very interesting and exciting world of politics. He considered Obama a rather promising candidate, therefore he gave all his strength to the creation and promotion of his projects. All the social and information projects of the future president were dealt with by Chris Hughes. The guy's biography has received another fat plus in the list of achievements.

 Who is Chris Hughes

Due to solid and carefully conducted workHughes or for some other reason, but Obama becomes president of the United States of America. After that, the entire world public and the political elite of the US learned who Chris Hughes was. In 2009, in the famous Fast Company magazine, which is devoted to business development, an article appears about him. It's called: "This guy made Obama President."

New projects

In addition to participation and the creation of social programspresident, co-founded in the company Facebook, Chris is engaged in several other global projects. He occupies a rather large position in the investment company General Catalyst Partners, where he worked in 2009. Later, he creates a start-up Jumo, realizing that large-scale changes are coming in America, and the interconnection of business organizations and people will change the world. Chris suggested using social networks for the rapprochement and collaboration of the common man and business people. The program is designed to help people, to find diverse resources among the business, rich part of humanity, in order to help those in need.


By the nature of his activities, the guy is very muchtraveled the world and saw how hard it sometimes is in some countries. He created Jumo, so that people together could help each other. For example, if in some remote village in Africa, medical personnel saw that it was impossible to perform an operation or help a woman to have a healthy child, thanks to Jumo, doctors were able to contact well-known doctors, consult with medical luminaries, or get specific help. Chris has created an organization that together (and that's how its name is translated), combining resources, skills and abilities, helps humanity.

This project, as Hughes admits, is notbusiness model and make money on it, he does not plan. It is designed to collect donations, as well as to bring together professionals from different areas to provide emergency care.

Chris Hughes Biography

In 2012, Hughes also buys a well-known magazineThe New Republic, produced more than a hundred years. The publication broadcasts about American and world politics, and also touches science and art. Nobody expected such a purchase from a computer genius and technological tycoon. But Hughes hopes that the funds invested in the magazine will pay off, and the publication will thrive and delight readers with high quality content.

Personal life

Engaging in the social program of the futurepresident, Chris Hughes adhered to his goal. While working on the presidential company, the guy hoped that in the future (if the president turns out to be a winner in the elections) he will pass several laws that deal with sexual minorities in America.

Yes, Chris Hughes, whose achievements in politics andthe development of social computer programs are huge, do not hesitate to state about their unconventional orientation. In an interview, the businessman admitted that he was very disappointed when the Senate voted against the law he needed. Chris and his young man's plans included moving to New York State and formalizing relations.

Chris Hughes Achievements

In the winter of 2011, young people announced theirengagement at one of the receptions, which was devoted to the equality of the sexes. And in 2012 they played a wedding and officially formalized the relationship. Sean Eldridge is also a versatile, very talented person. He conducts active social and agitation work. In 2014, the American and world press published the first reports that Chris wants to sponsor his husband by buying him a seat in the US congress. However, analysts say that Sean, and without money, the spouse is quite capable of great political successes and achievements.

To date, Chris is one of the richest people in America. The family budget of this same-sex family analysts estimate in billions of dollars.

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