James Haven: Biography, Career, Movies

In this article we will discuss personal life, biography andthe career of the American actor and producer James Haven, who is most known to the viewer for films such as "Temptation" and "Monster's Ball." Also give a filmography of this remarkable man.


James Haven was born on May 11, 1973 inLos Angeles. The boy's father, John Voight, is also an actor. He is best known for playing the roles in the films "Mission Impossible" and "Midnight Cowboy". Mother, Marcellin Bertrand, also a movie actress, but she was not very successful at 56-year-old woman. From the very childhood, the future actor grew up in a creative atmosphere. Apart from the parents who connected their life with the screen, he has a younger sister Angelina Jolie, whose name is known to many.

James Haven Movies

Father James has German and Slovak roots, andmother's ancestors by origin have French Canadian, German and Dutch roots. After the parents divorced, James Haven and Angelina Jolie stayed with her mother and moved to Oranjtown, New York. But when the young Haven turned 13, they returned to Los Angeles, where he began studying at Beverly Hills High School. After school, James decides to enter the University of Southern California. While studying there, the guy received a George Lucas Award.

Actor career

For the first time on the screen, Haven James appeared in the film"Gia", which was filmed with his sister. Mostly the young actor got episodic roles. In 2004, James appeared in one of the series of the famous television series "C.S.I .: Crime Scene".

James Haven and Angelina Jolie

In 2005, the documentary film"Trudell", which tells about the life of the great poet John Trudella. Haven acted as executive producer of the film. In the future, this film was awarded awards from two festivals - Sundance and Tribeca. In addition to the above awards, the film Trudell received the jury prize at the Seattle International Film Festival. James is the executive producer of the "Artivist" film festival.


James Haven, whose films are listed below, in his entire career performed about fifteen roles.

  • "Gia" - played the role of a young man on Sansom Street (1998);
  • "Hell's Kettle" - played by barman Boyle (1998);
  • "Memorable album" - character Jamie Park (1999));
  • "Monster's Ball" - the role of the guard in the hospital (2001);
  • "Ocean Park" - in the role of Youngblood (2002);
  • "Deadly Hunt" is a guy named Usher (2003);
  • "CSI: Crime Scene "- appeared in one episode, played Lazarus Kane (2004);
  • "Escape to Dawn" - character Don Wake (2004);
  • "Person for hire" - James Coleman (2004);
  • "Staying alive" - ​​played by Jonathan Malkus (2006);
  • "Deep in the heart" - played the role of Gary (2012);
  • "Silent silence" - Trent (2013).

Personal life

James Haven for several years tried to avoidany communication with the father. Legally, he and Angelina refused even the name Voight, but the death of her mother in late January 2007 finally reconciled them. In 2009, James began to regularly attend one of the churches and became deeply religious. The actor has already become an uncle six times, his nephews are the children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. To date, James turned 44 years old.

James Haven

His acting career continues, but it's hard to say whether we'll see him on the screen, since recently his films do not appear in the show at all.

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