What is xenophobia in Russia?

Everybody knows what xenophobia and etymology areThis word: xenos - a stranger, phobos - fear. Therefore, we can say that xenophobia is a fear of someone else, generating hatred for someone else. Such a fear we inherited from the animal world. The stranger must be avoided, since it is dangerous, or one must be ready to fight it. But at the same time, xenophobia of animals is completely justified, since the danger is real.

What is xenophobia?

Anthropologists, trying to explain what isxenophobia, expressed an opinion on the biological nature of this fear. In the animal kingdom it is not customary to enter into relations for the continuation of the genus with beings of a different appearance, which is quite natural for the animal kingdom. In the depths of the human psyche, the same instinct is preserved, and it lies at the basis of interethnic relations.

Modern nationalism

Nationalism in the modern world is one of the mosttypes of xenophobia. The feeling of pride in your nation and the sense of belonging to it is quite understandable. This is considered a normal phenomenon, but the deformed, intensified national feeling that engenders hatred of people of other nationalities forms the basis of nationalism. Between national and nationalistic feelings there is a subtle, barely noticeable facet. They are united by a mass of mutual transitions, but these phenomena differ significantly. National feeling is something that can not be renounced, but nationalist is dangerous for both the bearers and the people around them. Nationalists are aggressive and closed, and the nationals are friendly and open.

Xenophobia in Russia

Xenophobia in Russia

Russophobia is considered to be one of the developed formsxenophobia, which has a rich historical and literary tradition. From other forms of fear to the stranger, it differs in that its initiators were public figures and writers, focused on Jewish and European values: Belinsky, Chernyshevsky, Plekhanov, Lenin and others.

We know what xenophobia ismanifestation of the biological essence of man, but very often this fear is used as a means to achieve specific political goals. Propaganda of physical destruction of nations, not necessary history, for example: Slavs, Gypsies, Jews. All this is xenophobia. Examples - Hitler, who sought to triumph only "right" people.

In Russia, there have also been attempts to use xenophobia to achieve political goals. The object of hatred was the Jews and the inhabitants of the mountainous Caucasus.

Xenophobia examples

To date, there is mass migrationto Russia the citizens of China, Vietnam and African states. Therefore, it makes sense again to raise the issue of what xenophobia is in modern society. Youth formations of skinheads, football fans and other destructive forces often use in their slogans statements with a xenophobic meaning.

The task of the state is to destroymanifestations of natural xenophobia. For this, it is necessary to culturally enlighten and educate different peoples. To acquaint them with the traditions of each other and to create the atmosphere that promotes their rapprochement and cooperation.

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