Biography of psychic Ziraddin Rzayev: interesting facts, forecasts and reviews

Biography and personal life of Ziraddin Rzayevinterest to many fans of the show "Battle of psychics". Do you consider yourself to be one of them? Do you want to know where he was born and in what family he was brought up? How did you find out about your incredible abilities? The answers to these and other questions are in the article.

Ziraddin Rzaev psychic

Biography of Ziraddin Rzayev

He was born on November 10, 1981 in the Azerbaijanithe city of Shamkhor. Beginning with the 6th month of pregnancy, his mother began to dream of strange dreams. What exactly are we talking about? In a dream, a woman often saw herself in the store. She was holding a baby. An old lady came up to her and said: "Call the boy Ziraddin." Mother clearly remembered this name. She retold her sleep to her relatives. Home decided that a dream is a certain sign from above. Therefore, it was decided to call the son Ziraddin.

In the family of our hero it is believed that he isa descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (along the line of the mother). It was this kinship that predetermined his unusual fate. The Almighty gave Ziraddin a great gift and the ability to help people.

Ziraddin Rzayev


About the fact that he is not like everyone else, our hero learned in11th grade. Then Zirraddin began to hear voices "from the other world" and see ghosts. His relatives were sure that he had supernatural abilities. Rumors about this immediately scattered around the district. People began to come to Ziraddin with their problems. But the family forbade the boy to accept visitors. They wanted his gift to increase.

In 1997, the guy went to Moscow, where he startedto practice extrasensory perception. At one of the sessions, Ziraddin met his future wife. He cured a woman of severe epilepsy. They had an affair. Soon, lovers played a wedding in Muslim customs. Psychic took his wife to Azerbaijan. The family settled in the city of Shamkhor.

"Battle of psychics": Ziraddin Rzayev

In 2008, TNT channel announced the casting for season 6paranormal show. Our hero would hardly venture to go to television. After all, he is a modest and shy person by nature. But he was helped by a good friend. The man called the editorial office and talked about Ziraddin's abilities. The next day Rzayev was invited to the casting. He successfully coped with the qualifying tests and was among the participants of the "Battle".

Throughout the entire 6th season, Ziraddin never ceased to amaze viewers. Looking at the pictures, he told the details of the past, present and future of man.

He was most severely tested in connection with murders or accidental loss of life. He let all the mental and physical pain through himself.

Battle psychics ziraddin rzaev

Ziraddin Rzaev is a psychic who has reached the finalshow. As a result of the audience vote, he took second place, second only to Alexander Litvin. However, numerous fans claim that for them Ziraddin is still the best and strongest participant of the sixth season of "Battle of Psychics".

Forecasts of Ziraddin Rzayev

Projections for 2016

Many of us want to know what awaits his beloved country and the whole world in the near future. So what should we prepare for? Here are some of Zyraddin Rzayev's projections for the current year 2016:

  • The USA is waiting for numerous volcanic eruptions. Fire and ashes will cover several settlements.
  • After the financial failures of 2015, Russia is waiting for recovery. The country's leadership will find a way out of the crisis.
  • Western Europe and the United States will try to harm the RF through poor-quality and harmful food. But such trials will only strengthen the spirit of Russians. The country is waiting for success and prosperity.
  • The current year 2016 will be dangerous for the whole world. It will bring natural disasters, financial difficulties, hunger and massive loss of life.
  • What is happening on the planet today (wars inLibya, Syria, Iraq), Ziraddin considers the beginning of the apocalypse. There is a battle between God and the Devil. Those who stand on the bright side and are a believing person will be able to escape.
    Ziradin Rzayev reviews

Job Reviews

Every month at the reception to Ziraddin Rzaevhundreds of people who came from different regions of the Russian Federation are recorded. The finalist of the 6th "Battle of Psychics" is ready to listen to everyone. Has Zirraddin Rzayev helped many people? Customer testimonials indicate that their problems have indeed been resolved. At least 90% of the applicants were satisfied with the results.

Ziraddin is enough to look a man in the eye,to understand everything. Each visitor, he "reads" like an open book. Rzayev can look both into the distant past, and in the near future.

Negative feedback about this psychic, toothere is. But they are presented in negligible amounts. They are related to the methods and results of his work. Just some people express dissatisfaction with the high prices for services.

Negative responses are often written by envious persons, ill-wishers and direct competitors of Ziraddin. He does not take offense at this, but warns that such methods can turn against them.

Personal life

It is customary for Azerbaijanis to establish large families. The main earner in the family is a man. And the woman's duty is three things - to keep the family hearth, take care of her husband and raise children. Our hero tries to follow the traditions of his ancestors.

How does today's personal life develop?Ziraddin Rzayev? He is married for a long time, he has three children. Psychics have to be "torn" between the two countries - Azerbaijan and Russia. In Shamkhor his family lives. And in Moscow it works, it helps people. Ziraddin rented an apartment in one of the sleeping areas of the Russian capital. He dreams to save money for his own housing and to transport his wife and children to Moscow.

Interesting Facts

  • Ziraddin sings beautifully, draws and plays the violin. He also writes poems in Russian and Azerbaijani.
  • Our hero collects rare minerals and precious stones.
  • Rzayev provide financial assistance to Moscow shelters, which contain dogs.
  • A famous psychic is fond of psychology and philosophy.
  • Ziraddin Rzayev is a psychic with 5 diplomas on higher education. He mastered such professions as a psychologist, zootechnician, primary school teacher, philosopher and clinical psychologist.


Now you know about what abilities Ziraddin Rzayev has. Reviews people who addressed him, indicate that he is not only a psychic and a healer, but also a good psychologist. After all, sometimes a person can be helped only with a good word and valuable advice.

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