Jeanne de Funes - the story of a wise woman

Everyone knows the famous comedian actor Louis deFunes, he became a true standard of humorous genre. The actor had his ups and downs, but no one knows if this man could achieve such heights without one frail woman. Muse, who never left him and supported him in any situation. She is the one who literally led her beloved to the world glory, the one that made him look at the world with different eyes. She is an extraordinary Jeanne de Funes.

Biography of Joan

This incredible woman was born on February 1, 1914. All childhood little Jeanne was not lucky. Her father was killed in the war, and my mother died in agony, not surviving the loss of her beloved husband.

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Then the girl and her brother Pierre were transferred toeducation of their grandmother. Relatives could try to replace the little one with the family. On vacation, she spent time with her aunt, who, incidentally, was the wife of a famous writer at that time. The couple lived very richly, and Zhanna with pleasure remembers the days spent in their posh mansion.

Strong feeling

Jeanne fell madly in love with Louis at first sight.At that time, the actor seemed to swing on a swing and could not find a permanent job. It was a real crisis in his career, no one really knew the actor to the extent that the world knew him later. It is impossible not to say about the unhappy marriage with a woman who constantly complained about life and scolded her husband. Louis always tried to create a happy family, but, alas, his wife did not see him as a worthy person and left him for a more successful and rich man. In the marriage they had a son, Daniel.

the genna de funes died at the age of 101

When Jeanne met the actor, he was stillmarried. Soon, Louis admitted that he still is in a legal marriage, which simply discouraged the young romantic girl. Jeanne decided that she would finally break off relations with a man, but she could not. Strong feelings could not allow to destroy everything. Then the girl put forward an ultimatum, according to which Louis forever had to forget about his family. He agreed.

Despite the fact that the Jeanne family was against marriage, the young couple were married on September 22, 1943.

"Behind every great man is a great woman"

Jeanne de Funes became a real breath of airfor Louis. She was an insanely beautiful and at the same time very smart girl. She literally idolized her husband and strongly encouraged her husband to advance in his acting career. No one doubted that if Jeanne de Funes had not met on his way, the world would not have recognized the true talent of the actor.

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The family became a real refuge for Louis.For his family, he was ready for anything. Jeanne surrounded her husband with warmth and understanding, and very soon from the usual participant in the extras on stage, Louis de Funes becomes a real star. Jeanne de Funes and Louis had two sons. The actor bought a huge mansion for his family. Initially, Jeanne was engaged in house and economy, but then began to actively participate in her husband's career. She became his impresario and even selected actresses for the role of his wife. Jeanne de Funes, photo of which is in this material, became a real muse for her companion.

Louis was popular with women, but all his life he remained faithful only to one - his Jeanne.

The last years of life of a great woman

After the death of her famous husband, Jeanne moved tothe son's house. From the mansion in which the couple spent all the happy years of their life, the woman made a museum of the actor's memory and even left a greenhouse where, as a result of a heart attack, he died.

Jeanne de Funes died at the age of 101, having lived a long and dignified, eventful life. We can say that it was thanks to her that the world recognized such a great actor as Louis de Funes.

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