"Mother of the Gods" Jomolungma - the largest mountain in the world

In the title of the article, the name"Mother of the Gods," because in translation from Nepalese Jomolungma is exactly what is called. Although she would have more suited the name "Mother of the Mountains", since the largest mountain in the world of Jomolungma reaches a height of 8,848 meters. Everest, as it is also called, has already become a symbol of the Himalayas, and every year attracts more attention of the public and tourists.

From the history of education, discovery and name

The largest mountain in the world
The largest mountain in the world was 20 million. years ago as a result of the rising of the seabed. The rocks were layered for millennia, and as a result formed a mountain range, which, by the way, is still growing. According to the estimates of surveyors, the Himalayas are added 5 cm in height each year. In the middle of the nineteenth century, English scientists made great efforts to measure the height of the Himalayan peaks. And only in 1865, the surveyor Andrew Waugh estimated which is the highest mountain in the world. At the same time, he suggested calling the summit the name of the scientist, the chief surveyor in the Indian colony of England in 1830-1843, and made a huge contribution to the exploration of the summit - George Everest. Prior to this, the peak was called "Peak XV".

The southern peak of the mountain lies on the border of Nepal andChina, its height reaches 8760 m, but the northern one is located on the territory of the PRC, and is considered by right the highest with a height of 8,848 m, which is very proud of the Chinese.

Tourism on Chomolungma

"The forbidden fruit is even sweeter" is a saying inaccuracy describes the situation with the thirst of man to conquer Everest. The love of mountaineering, or, perhaps, ambition pushes a person to such risky exploits. In a terrible cold (at the top, the temperature reaches -60 degrees), the force of the wind, reaching 200 km / h, carrying heavy clothing, climbs up the rocky snow-covered areas of tourists, risking their health. The highest peak is also famous for its insidiousness, the last 300 meters pass the hardest because there is no possibility to insure each other.

What is the highest mountain in the world
This steep snow-covered slope is popularly called "the longest mile on Earth".

Every year to the summit of Mount Everest rises about500 people. This pleasure is also worth a lot of money: 50 thousand dollars, if you communicate through a company of intermediaries. In the pleasure to climb to the top do not deny yourself and a woman, the first in 1976, was able to look at the whole world downhill climber Junko Tabe. In the history of the ascent to Mount Everest, about 200 people could not cross the path. The largest mountain in the world took their lives because of colds, lack of oxygen, lung disease or cardiovascular system, as well as avalanches and insidious sites. Only morally and physically persistent people could get to the top.

Mount Olympus

If the status of "the largest mountain in the world" has the right of Jomolungma, the highest in the solar system is Mount Olympus.

Highest peak
Its height is 26.2 km, and the width is 540 km,so you can see it completely from the orbit. Olympus is an extinct volcano, the last eruption of which occurred about 2 million years ago. Due to the lack of tectonic plates on the planet, Olympus will survive yet more than one human generation. It is interesting that the slopes of the mountain are sharp and steep, it suggests the existence of an ocean on Mars, which washed Mount Olympus, making it unassailable.

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