Sayings are wise about love and life

Sayings are wise about love
Probably, it is difficult to find a topic that would be moreinterested in people than love. Novels are written about her, films are made, she is exalted and cursed, she appears before us in a scabrous guise, and with angelic wings. No less interesting to read and different statements. Wise people talked about love for a long time, and still this topic does not go out of fashion. Such is our human life. Although love is often compared to death, saying that love is very strong, powerful and kills with fiery arrows.

Sayings of wise men about love

Whoever just wrote clever words dedicated tothis great phenomenon! The famous writer-existentialist Albert Camus, who believed that the goal of a person's life - to fall a victim, not hoping for anything, still made an exception for love. People so often fall into despair that this can only be justified by one - a great, great love for life. At least, so wrote the great Frenchman. Wise words about love are peculiar to Leo Tolstoy. The great writer noticed that love in itself is a gift that simply has no price. Moreover, it has such a nature that by giving it to someone, we still leave it to ourselves.

What is this - love?

Sayings of wise men about love

Both modern writers and sages of the pasttried to give an accurate definition of this phenomenon, although it still slipped from their fingers. Why do people not just prefer society to each other, and can not live without the object of their passion? Perhaps, as Dostoevsky supposed, the lover sees another person as he should have been according to the plan of God? But the jealous man loves himself more than the other, demonstrating egoism, as Laroshfuko thought. Jean-Jacques Rousseau added that only one who loves deeply and truly, is able to forget about himself. This amazing phenomenon romantic Schiller put even above the imagination - because it can not reach its limits and does not find a bottom in it.

Wise statements about life

Wise statements about the life of love
Many people talk about love. But, as we have seen above, it is impossible to discuss this topic without assessing human existence itself. After all, love is often the meaning of our lives. And in this there are very many statements. Wise men of love and life often speak in unison. How are these two phenomena related? This is what we begin our life with, and how we finish it. We can not exist without it. Therefore, a real sage must bow before love. But this was said by old Confucius! It's nice that a Chinese traditionalist suddenly comes across such statements. Wise people talk about love today. Listen to the popular writer Paolo Coelho: "We must realize love throughout our lives. It is in us, and we need only to open it. For this we need a different person. " He is echoed also by the author of the famous "Seagull" Richard Bach. When we die, the only thing that will not lose its significance is if we really loved. This feeling justifies a lot. Do we mean the love of God, or to people, to relatives or friends, children or animals. Remember the words of St. Paul: without love we are nothing. All our dignity does not mean anything without this feeling. It is not for nothing that love, which knows how to tolerate, forgive, hope - does not envy, does not place itself above another, is the main Christian virtue.

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