A person lives from food. Proverbs about food

Food is a favorite topic for composing proverbs.Why does it become such a frequent reason for expressing people's experience? If you look closely, it becomes clear that the proverbs about food express the pressing problems, without which no one simply could not survive. Such words as "bread, porridge, kvass" are understandable and familiar to everyone, and therefore the images transmitted through them are very expressive. This is the main reason that proverbs and sayings about food were born in large numbers.

Bread - the whole head

proverbs about food

Bread was always considered the main product on the table.Without him, the family did not sit at the table. With bread ate everything: porridge, soup. Therefore, Russian proverbs about food can not do without mentioning bread. Only that's why he's a head? The fact is that in the old days the words "head" and "head" meant the same thing. The fact that bread was on the Russian table as the main one is not questioned. Indeed, this valuable product has unique properties that can save even in the most difficult times. No wonder they say: "Better bread with water than a pie with trouble."

Bread even when dried keeps a lot of usefulvitamins and microelements. The expression "sushi biscuits" means "prepare for hard times". It was dry bread that often saved the peasants from starvation.

Without salt and bread does not eat

proverbs and sayings about food

However, salt was not less valuable than bread.By the way, this product was considered sacred in Russia. That's why proverbs about food are often associated with salt: "Think, do not think, but you can not imagine bread-salt".

In the old days, salt was quite expensiveproduct. The peasants treated her very carefully. Hence the omen: sprinkle salt - to quarrel. But the expression "a pood of salt to eat" somewhat lost its original meaning. No, it means the same as before. Pud is 16 kg, eating a pood of salt means living with someone for a very long time. Only today we eat 16 kg literally in two or three years. But in the old days, salt was saved, so "eating a pud of salt" meant "to go through with someone through many difficulties."

Brewed porridge

Russian proverbs about food

Do not dispense the proverbs about food and without porridge.Porridge in the old days was called a festive treat. A lot of people were usually invited to the celebrations. Therefore, preparations were very troublesome for the hostess. Hence the expression "brew porridge", which symbolizes a troublesome and complicated business. But those who refused to take part in the common cause said: "You can not cook with him." From here it has gone and "to disentangle porridge", that is to solve complex problems. But if someone is trying hard, putting more effort than required, then they say about it: "You can not spoil the porridge with oil."

Like cheese in butter

Proverbs and food sayings are pretty accuratereflect the standard of living. Few people know the history of the appearance of the expression "like cheese in butter rolls," although its meaning is known to everyone: cheese in oil symbolizes a wonderful life in all senses. You can make assumptions about the considerable price of these products and consider them a symbol of abundance. But in reality everything is much more interesting.

proverbs about food

Long ago, the technology of making cheesewas a rather complex and lengthy process. First, the milk was fermented, and after the resulting cheese, the head was smeared with manure and buried. Busted cheese ripens for a long time - months, and sometimes years. Therefore, the product obtained was of great value.

After all the measures taken, the cheese wascrusts, leaving completely vulnerable. Without additional measures, the valuable product could dry quickly. Of course, to admit this was simply blasphemy, if not to say, a mortal sin. Therefore, the bare cheese was placed in oil, where it felt great and did not deteriorate. It is noteworthy that the enzymes of cheese, in turn, had a beneficial effect on the oil. Such a mutually beneficial cooperation!

As you can see, the proverbs about food are rather symbolic, and the images transmitted in these expressions are simple and understandable.

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