Lara Chaklin: biography, career, personal life

In the Russian cinema a lot of famous and talented actors and actresses. One of them is Lara Chaklin.


Larisa Anastasievna Shatilo was born in 1972August 18 in the Ukrainian city of Smila, Cherkasy region. At the moment, the actress turned 45 years old. Many people think that Chaklin is a pseudonym. In fact, Larissa took the name of her father and grandfather for the stage.

lara chaklin

As a child, the girl was a comprehensively developed child. She was fond of horse riding, fencing, acrobatics, swimming and already dreamed of an actress's career.

After graduation, Lara Chaklin worked forthe Kiev film studio named after Alexander Petrovich Dovzhenko assistant director. To try their hand at the cinema, and thus fulfill their dream, Larissa was persuaded by the actors on the set.

In 1997, Lara graduated from the Russian Academytheatrical arts, as well as the workshop of Borodin. At that time, the student exchange program was activated, and Lara Chaklin took part in it. The biography of the girl has since been almost completely connected with theater and cinema.

Larisa visited the practice in Poland, and afterGraduation GITISa performed on the stage of the academic theater in Russia. Later she moved to the theater "APARTE". Having worked there for three years, she went on to continue her career at the Central Theater of the Russian Army. At the moment he works at the Strelkov-Theater.


In the movie, Lara Chaklin started acting in 2001. Her debut is the movie "101-kilometer". The first significant role of the actress was in 2006 in the series "Zone." There she played doctor Marina. Between these two paintings were small roles in the series "Two Fates", "Advocate", "Sakhalin's wife" and others.

After the role in the "Zone" Larissa received proposalsabout work in well-known Russian series "Medical Secret", "Atlantis", "Red" and "Champion". In 2009, Lara Chaklin played the role of psychologist Margarita Sergeyevna in the no less famous series "Kremlin cadets".

Lara Chaklin biography

One of the last works of the actress was a multi-series melodrama "The Heart of Mary" (2011) and the short film "The Art of Communication with Animals and People" (2013).

In total, the filmography of Larisa Anastazievna has about twenty works.

Personal life

Larisa is married and she has three children: two daughters - Ruslana (born in 2002) and Zlata (born in 2007), as well as son Timur (born in 2009). The husband of the actress Vladimir is not connected with the world of show business and is engaged in computer technologies.

Maybe we'll see this wonderful actress on more than once in popular TV shows and films. She has a large audience and an incredible talent.

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