Where to go to Omsk tourists?

Having visited the wonderful city of the Russian Federation,many tourists are wondering about its sights. This is not surprising. After all, for the first time having arrived in an unfamiliar locality, everyone can become confused. What are the best places to visit?

Where to go in Omsk with a girl or a guy?

Naturally, all people are different. Someone prefers active rest, and someone likes leisurely walks in parks or squares. For every young person or girl in Omsk there is a place that will forever leave in your heart the most delightful and unforgettable impressions. The city has a large number of diverse green areas, in which you can not only walk, but also stay for a few days, breaking the tent. So, one of the favorite places for young people is the Park of Culture and Rest named after the 30th anniversary of Victory.

where to go to Omsk
Besides a pleasant pastime in nature,vacationers can see interesting historical battles, which are reproduced by members of the organizations "Heritage of Siberia" and "Peresvet". Where to go to Omsk? To spend a fascinating day, you should visit the park "Green Island", located near the Irtysh. It is in this place that many local residents spend a lot of time listening to performances by numerous guests of the city and Omsk collectives.

"Bird's Harbor"

Where can I go to Omsk loversromantic mood? Such people should definitely visit the park "Bird's Haven". In this place flies a lot of a variety of birds, especially in the autumn season. What can be more interesting than feeding the unknown birds, admiring their color and grace. Also, all fans of a relaxing holiday must go to the embankment. It is especially interesting here in the summer season, because all those who wish can ride on the river on a ship.


Where to go in Omsk for the weekend? For those who love cheerful and active leisure, the city also has a huge number of different institutions:

  • Nightclub 5 Avenue. Visiting this place for the first time, there is hardly anyone willing to leave before closing. In addition to popular DJs, live music and show programs, the club has a buffet, as well as its own restaurant. All interested persons can order a hookah or dishes directly from the grill, and also try a variety of cocktails for every taste.
  • Night Club XL. In this place you can find entertainment for every taste. In the club there are immediately several dance floors, on which the most diverse music plays. In addition, in XL there is a café and an Euro-hall, where you can relax and unwind.
  • Entertaining center "Atrium-cinema". Organizers of leisure of this place offer all visitors viewing of novelties of cinema. Also in the center there is a place for bowling, so you do not have to miss here.

Of course, this is not the entire list of places forentertainment in Omsk. In the city there is still a huge number of establishments that you can go to, not only with your second half, but also with your friends. For example, saunas, billiards and much more.

If you have children

Where to go with a child in Omsk? Small visitors to the city will also be interested. After all for them various centers and amusement parks are opened. In them, kids will only get positive emotions.

where to go with a child in Omsk?

For example, the amusement park "Nb-Terra". In this place they like to rest not only children, but also their parents. In addition to the usual interesting entertainment, the park has a 5D-attraction, which can only be found in this place.

Where to go with a child in Omsk? In the park "Flagship". Here parents bring their children for active games. After all, there is an inflatable trampoline, an intricate labyrinth, slides, swings, board games and other entertainment. A child who has come to the "Flagship" will not be bored for a minute.

Thinking over where to go to Omsk with a child,take a look at the local circus. After all, there is no such a kid who does not like animals. An exciting program involving different animals will delight not only the kids, but also their parents. Also in Omsk, a planetarium, an oceanarium, several children's theaters are open. There is a laser tag arena and many more places for entertainment. Rest in this city the child will remember for the rest of his life.

Cultural places in Omsk

Where to go to Omsk? If the purpose of the visit are the cultural places of the city, then it will not be possible to bypass them in one day.

where to go in Omsk for the weekend
In addition to the fact that Omsk is a very beautiful metropolis, inThere is a large number of museums, theaters and attractions. First of all it is recommended to visit the Museum complex of military glory, in which military equipment is presented. In this place it will be interesting not only for adults, but also for small children, who from an early age will know about the victory over the fascists.

where you can go to Omsk
Also in Omsk there is a museum of local lore,a lot of interesting things to see. There is also the museum of FM Dostoevsky, in which local readers and writers very often gather. Several theaters are open in the city, in which shows are in demand performances and musical productions. One of the most common places are "Harlequin" and "Fifth Theater".

where to go in Omsk with a girl
Where to go to Omsk? In the Philharmonic. Here you can see a concert accompanied by a live orchestra. Also in the city there are several galleries that present their exhibitions to all visitors, as well as many libraries, where in a relaxed atmosphere you can read the book you liked.


Now you know where to go to Omsk onweekends and weekdays. Even the simplest walk around the city will give every person great pleasure. Even from such a short list of entertainment you can choose what you like. Any tourist, regardless of age, gender and preferences, will find in this place an occupation that will bring him maximum positive emotions.

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