Comparisons of swallows and swifts: similarity and difference

Quite often people make comparisons of swallows andswifts. The similarity in their appearance is simply astounding. Both families unite small, if not tiny birds that spend most of their life in flight. However, despite the apparent external similarity, they refer to different species. If some of them are included in the squiggle-shaped group, then others belong to the passerine. And all their similarities are explained by the same way of life. Both species spend it mainly in flight. One can not help but notice that the shape of their short beak is approximately the same, comparing swallows and swifts.

comparison of swallows and swifts

The similarity is explained by the fact that they both eat,snatching in flight insects. Therefore, their main food is usually bees, wasps, mosquitoes, flies, termites and even ants. Basically, those insects, moving swarms, flying through that, guaranteed to stay with the prey.


It is impossible not to mention their legs, doingcomparison of swallows and swifts. Their similarity is no less amazing. They are short and completely unsuitable for walking on an even surface, with their help one can only cling to irregularities, protrusions and stones, brickwork, cliffs or wood bark.

likeness of swallows

For air hunting requires a huge speed andperfect maneuverability, you need to be able to do aerobatics in the air without losing speed. The spindle-shaped body and long narrow wings help them in this. The similarity of swallows with swifts is also the fact that both can not boast of large sizes, but managed to settle all over the world.

Compare the birds

Many species of swallows live quite large, butin rare cases, and small colonies: some of them settle in burrows under the ground, while others build high nests. Close proximity to people assists both sides. Next to the houses swallows always have something to eat, and the nest under the roof is much more pleasant.

In addition, the presence of a person protects them fromunexpected attacks of falcons. And the Swallows and Swifts delight each of us with the beauty of the flight, with a quiet pleasant murmuring voice and exterminate a huge number of harmful insects. Bird Swift, a photo of which can be seen in many zoological magazines - one of the most useful birds in our environment.

Interesting remark

There is such a sign: If the swallows have made a nest under your roof, then you will be happy. In the Arab countries for this they are even called paradise birds. Also there is another old Russian sign: swallows fly low - to the rain. However, it is more correct to call it observation, before precipitation insects fall lower because of water vapor, so our birds fall after them.

While people did not settle in houses, the colonies of these birds were small, but the abundance of feed, as well as quite convenient places for nests, led to the fact that populations began to grow rapidly.

bird swift photo

Without analyzing the ways of living, it is impossiblemake a complete comparison of swallows and swifts. Similarity in this case is simply amazing. Not all of them build nests from clumps of the earth, but it is impossible to distinguish one from another. Both species prefer to settle in a burrow, a hollow or a birdhouse.

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