Actor Viktor Andrienko: biography and filmography

Viktor Andrienko is an actor who owes hisfame to comedy roles. This person often plays secondary characters than the main characters. "The One Who Passed Through the Fire", "The Night of St. Valentine", "The Light from the Other World", "The Day of the Defeated" - famous paintings with his participation. Also, the lyceum can be seen in the series "Kostoprav", "Voronin", "Maidy's Tales", "Newlyweds". A certain fame he achieved and as a director. What is the history of the star?

Victor Andrienko: the beginning of the road

The master of comedy roles was born inZaporozhye. It happened in September 1959. Victor Andrienko comes from an ordinary family, among his relatives there are no celebrities. Dreaming of the acting profession, he began, as a child. However, after graduation, the young man was forced to go to study as a confectioner.

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For a while young Victor worked forspecialty, until suddenly decided to change his life. Then Andrienko moved to Kiev and became a student of the Karpenko-Kary Institute. He still feels grateful to his talented teacher Stavitsky.

First successes

In school years, Viktor Andrienko seriouslyI did sports. The boy was even predicted a sports career, but fate decided otherwise. It is not surprising that he began to conquer the cinema as a stuntman. The list of the first film and TV projects with his participation is proposed below.

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  • "Do not cry, girl."
  • "Wedding wreath, or Odyssey Ivanka."
  • "Dacha trip of sergeant Tsybuli."
  • "Money box".
  • "There is no third".
  • "Sixth".
  • Yaroslav the Wise.
  • "The night is short."
  • "Amulet".
  • "Trust that burst."
  • "Shurochka."
  • "The Trap in the English Park."
  • "The Temptation of Don Juan".

Victor played sportsmen, military, criminals,policemen. He could jump from a great height, fall from the roofs, burn. The audience did not want to remember the novice actor, but Andrienko did not give up.

Starry hour

Surprisingly, for the first time Victor Andrienko drewthe public's attention due to the scoring of the cartoon "Treasure Island". It is his voice that the famous captain Smollett talks about. For many years the cartoon character became an original business card for the actor.

Vic Andriyenko Filmography

The cartoon "Returning to the Treasure Island", presented to the audience, had almost the same success. The voice of the unique captain Smollett was again taken over by Andrienko.


It was thanks to the "Treasure Island" that he became the favorite of the directors Viktor Andrienko. Filmography celebrities actively replenished.

  • "Beach Club on interests".
  • "The macaroni of death, or the mistake of Professor Buggensberg."
  • "Hearts of Three 2".
  • "The Empire of Pirates."
  • "Singer Josephine."
  • "Reportage".
  • "Show weevils."
  • "The Comedy Quartet".
  • "Private militia".
  • "Between the first and second."
  • "The sworn attorney".
  • "Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno."
  • "Militia Academy."
  • "Alone in New Year's Eve."
  • "Light from the Other World."
  • "Voroniny".
  • Day of the vanquished.
  • "Boxers prefer blondes."

Victor is a man who never refuses to laugh at himself. Probably, that's why all his characters seem so alive and natural.

What else to see

Above, not all films and series withparticipation of Victor Andrienko, photo of which can be seen in the article. In the film "He who passed through the fire," he brilliantly played Colonel Smirnov. The image of a strict director Victor created in the television project "The Newlyweds". One can not ignore the role of the chairman of the collective farm, which Andrienko performed in the series "Tales of Mitya."

"Tevye" - the newest band with participationUkrainian actor. In this film he embodied the image of the sergeant. Also this year, the release of the picture "The Odessa Foundling" is expected, in which he recently appeared. The plot of the film is still kept secret, it is known only that it will be an incendiary comedy.

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