Singapore - the smallest cat in the world

The smallest cat in the world is written in the BookGuinness records. Male individuals rarely reach 3 kilograms of weight, and females even less. Their name is the name of the breed - it's the island of Singapore. These cats and cats all their lives remain

The smallest cat in the world
kittens not only in size, but also in behavior. They remain playful and sociable all their life: they will "help" to sit at the computer, and cook dinner, and get out of the house. Their lives are clearly divided into periods of play and forwarding time with the host: and lie down on his shoulders, and a ball in the ranks, and he will not leave for anything if he is unwell.

The smallest cat in the world "has its ownorigin "from Singapore street cats, where they independently procure food in garbage cans and with the help of hunting small birds and rodents. Nevertheless, this breed is considered the national treasure of Singapore. Their export from the country is limited. Singapore has a monument, which is considered a talisman by all residents of the city-state. In the mid-70s, American tourists took them out, and a year later they were presented at the exhibition as a registered and qualified breed. But these cats are already quite different from their

The smallest breed of cats
ancestors. The fur became lighter and got a pinkish color. In the late 80's, this breed was brought to Europe, but still little is represented on this continent.

The smallest cat in the world has an amazingappearance. The most remarkable thing in it are the huge eyes of greenish, nutty or wheaten color, the look of which enchants and bewitches. The torso of fine proportions makes the cat very elegant. Slender, slightly short paws, thin, medium-length tail, short, silky and shiny hairline, and its color resembles ivory, but has warmer shades.

The smallest breed of cats at the same timegraceful, modest, cheerful and energetic. Still all the specimens of this breed are distinguished by extraordinary perseverance. Mobility in Singapore is incredible. If a small cat decided to play, then all the items in the house will become her toys. And the most restless monkeys could envy her jumps and coups with incredible trajectories. However, all movements and actions do not cause inconvenience to the owners: the Singapurs are extremely circumspect and shy.

Small cat
The kittens of singapore are very small. The childbearing period for female individuals begins only to 20 months. Breeders recommend untying males at 17 months, and female - by the 2-year. The smallest cat in the world in one litter brings from 1 to 4 kittens. Singapore is an extraordinary mother. She is gentle and incredibly caring. He will take care of other animals, too, who live with them in the same house, even if they are bigger and bigger. The life expectancy of a Singaporean cat is from 10 to 15 years. At the will of their ancestors rarely live up to 5. Of course, the duration depends on the conditions and care.

These cats are completely devoid of aggression. Singaporeans are affectionate and friendly, that's why they get along with any family members.

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