"Minskaya" metro station: attractions

In March 2017 a new metro station was opened - Minskaya. It is located on the Kalininsk-Solntsevo line, on which the transition from Arbatskaya-Pokrovskaya is carried out on the Victory Park.

Metro Minsk


In 2013, the media reported on the decisionopen the technical station on the "Victory Park" - "Lomonosovsky Prospekt" section. But the plans metrostroevtsev soon changed. It was decided to start building a full-fledged station. In 2013, conducted engineering and geological work. The pit was discovered in the summer of 2014, but the construction process was suspended for unknown reasons. The work was resumed in 2015. The construction was very active and by the end of the next year it was completed.

metro station Minsk

Architectural features

The metro station "Minskaya" refers to the stationsshallow ground. The interior is designed in high-tech style. In the decoration of the pavilion, such materials as metal-ceramic panels, granite, aluminum, stainless steel are used. The main feature of the metro station "Minskaya" is the decoration of the columns. If you are at the end of the pavilion, you can see that the images on them are the details of a single picture. The design theme is military. This is due to the fact that the metro station "Minskaya" is located near the museum. About it will be briefly described below.

Metro Minsk

The metro station "Minskaya" is located onthe street of the same name. Nearby there are Victory Park, Matveyevsky Forest, Memorial Mosque. Metro station "Minskaya" several years ago could be opened and on the other line. The point is that initially, between the Kuntsevskaya and Victory Park, two stations were planned to be built. Today, as you know, there is only one - "Slavyansky Boulevard" on this site. The second was to be Minsk. Plans of mayors and metrostroevtsev quite often change. So it was canceled the construction of the "Minsk" on the Arbat-Pokrovskaya line.

Victory Park

This is one of the main Moscow sites forholding mass events. The history of the Victory Park (or rather the Poklonnaya Hill, on which the memorial complex is built) begins in the fourteenth century. The first mentions date back to 1368. Here once there were important historical events. So, in 1812 Napoleon himself waited on the Poklonnaya Hill of Moscow noblemen "with keys from the Kremlin."

After the end of the Great Patriotic War, they decided to erect a monument to the memory of the deceased soldiers. They planted a park, planted trees. But the construction of the memorial complex began only in 1985.

Matveevsky Park

The territory of this forest is limited to one of thesides by the street, where today the metro station "Minskaya" is located. Moscow is rich not only with historical monuments, but also with natural areas protected by the state. For example, the Setun River valley. This is the largest nature protection zone, which includes the Matveyevsky forest. In 1991, this object was proclaimed a natural monument. Today in the territory of Matveyevsky forest there are several health and medical organizations.

Memorial mosque

This is another attraction locatednear the metro station "Minskaya". The memorial mosque was erected in memory of the Muslim soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War. The construction of this facility began in the late nineties, but was accompanied by opposition from the public. Yet the mosque was built. In the role of initiators of the project was the government of Moscow, the administration of Muslims of Russia, as well as the famous metropolitan philanthropist Faiz Gilmanov.

Museum of the Great Patriotic War

The metro station "Minskaya" is open not far frommemorial complexes dedicated to the Second World War. This explains its artistic design. The main object of Victory Park is the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. Within the walls of this institution, there are regularly held interesting thematic exhibitions. At least once every Russian visitor comes to the museum, who came to the capital and is interested in the history of his country.

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