Country glamor. All faces

Before talking about what is "ruralglamor ", you need to try to understand what is pure glamor. It is assumed that people who lead a glamorous lifestyle preach the principles of hedonism. Those. they live for pleasure and, importantly, have the means for such a way of life.

rural glamor

The word "glamor" in its origin dates back toFrench words for "charm", "chic", "charm", which, in turn, originated from concepts meaning "spells," "charms," ​​"witchcraft." In a magical context, these words were used until the nineteenth century, after which there was a shift to the designation of the appearance of a person without a supernatural component.

Today, glamorous people are mostlyactresses, TV presenters, public people who pay special attention to their appearance, are present on the covers of fashion magazines, participate in luxurious photography. Although in some cultures (England) the meaning of the concept of "glamorous photo" is close to the concept of "erotic".

In Russia, these concepts are mixed. Thanks to the Internet, we can contemplate as girls (mostly), who try to be like their glossy idols, and photos in a variety of erotic poses, which also includes rural glamor. This phenomenon is predominantly blamed. images are made on the background of old wallpaper, curtains, carpets without the presence of experienced stylists and photographers, whose professionalism sometimes allows you to make a miracle out of nothing.

photo rural glamor

These experts create rural glamor,photo of which is presented on the left. It impresses with the beauty of the composition, because the images are made against the backdrop of rural beauties and the appropriately prepared models participate in the session. Lovers of imitating famous personalities simply need to contact the appropriate photo studio and take pictures that you can be proud of.

rural glamor photo

Country glamor is not respected in otherdirections because of their unnaturalness. For example, very few people will react positively to the old rural house somewhere in the Ryazan region, painted from the roof to the basement in a neon color, tk. this building looks too pretentious against the background of the surrounding landscape. The only exception is the art deco style, which is the "king" of this trend, as well as structures with a clear humorous connotation (pink toilet - "birdhouse", etc.).

If we dig into our photo albums, thenmany there are special photos. Country glamor on them in one way or another is present, tk. many people like to joke or seriously reproduce the style of a star celebrity or erotic model. Most often such "works of art" are made in youth for personal use, but with the advent of the Internet people have the opportunity to share photos with an unlimited number of viewers. Most likely, this reflects the desire for a more beautiful life, and maybe hidden artistic abilities or neurotic reactions. In any case, the photo, which depicts rural glamor, is not going anywhere from the network, so you should treat them with condescension.

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