From the baker to the movie star. Dustin Milligan: Biography and the Creative Path

Dustin Milligan - Canadian actor, founderscholarships for young filmmakers, known to many on the role in the series "Beverly Hills: The New Generation." In the article we learn in what other projects the actor was shot.

Biography and personal life

Dustin Milligan (height, weight: 179 cm, up to 90 kg) was born in 1985 in the Canadian city of Yellowknife in the family of Brian Milligan and Jean Wallace. The first steps to the acting career, he did in school years, taking part in the musical performance "Brillin." After completing his studies, the guy moved to Vancouver, where he worked for a while at the bakery, until he got his first role.

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In 2004, Dustin waited a chance to prove himself,when he accepted the offer to star in the comedy melodrama "The Perfect Couple" (2004) and in the comedy "The Long Weekend" (2004) directed by Pat Holden. And a year later he performed a small role in the drama of Mike Binder "Burners of Life", where he composed the company himself Ben Affleke.

Career 2006-2008.

It was quite crowded for Dustin in 2006. He started with the youth horror film "Destination 3". Then, Dustin Milligan appeared in James Gunn's comedy "Slug" about a guy named Grant, in whose chest an alien creature settled. He played one of the main character's friends in the thriller "Butterfly Effect 2". Got a good role in the dramatic series "Fugitives". With Adam Brodie and Kristen Stewart played in the melodrama "In the land of women." And with Pierce Brosnan participated in the filming of the criminal thriller "Redemption" about the abduction of the girl Sophie, the ransom for which is not measured in monetary units.

dastin milligan and jessica stroyup
In 2007, Danny and Oxide Pan invited Dustinto star in the thriller "Messengers" about the family of Solomon, who lives on a farm inhabited by ghosts. Also, the actor received a small role in the comedy series "About the girl". And was approved for shooting in the American youth series "Beverly Hills: The New Generation" (2008-2013). By the way, Dustin Milligan and Jessica Stroup were not only colleagues on the show, but also formed a couple, which two years later broke up.

Career 2009-2012.

It would seem that there is much more, because the densitythe shooting schedule and so off scale. Nevertheless, the filmography of Dustin Milligan continued to grow at an enviable rate. In 2009, the actor continued his journey, starring in the comedy Mike Judge "Extract" about the hardworking owner of the factory for the production of food extracts, decided to finally relax.

In 2010, the actor appeared in the film of Romaniandirected by Adrian Popovic "Eva". Got the role of second plan in the action movie "Kid Montana" (2010) and played the main character in the Canadian thriller "Repeating reality". And then he performed an episodic role in the series "Call Me Fitz" (2010-2013) about the seller of the supported cars to Richard Fitzpatrick and his boundless love for himself.

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In 2011, Dustin received a major rolein the comedy "How to Learn to Flirt" about the three guys who came to the show, where they teach to build relationships with girls. He also became one of a group of teenagers in the horror film about the hungry sharks "Jaws 3D" (2011). Then he appeared in the criminal thriller Aaron Woodley "Untitled" (2011) about Paul Dainan, who decided for the sake of his family to kidnap three people. He played a small role in the comedy "Sister and Brothers" (2011) about unusual relationships between close relatives. And in 2012 he received a major role in the comedy "Love at the Christmas table."

Extreme Projects

As if taking a deep breath, Dustin Milliganagain dived into a tight stream of filming. And not only the appearance of the actor, but also the voice was in demand. Therefore, in 2013 he was invited to voice one of the characters of the cartoon "Sarila: The Lost Land" about the three Eskimos who decided on a dangerous journey to save their people. Then he received small roles in such projects as the thriller "Cruel" (2013), the crime comedy "No Prompts" (2013) and the comedy "Sequoia National Park" (2014).

There were some main roles, one of whichDustin Milligan received in the detective thriller Ross Ferguson "Primat" (2014), and another in the action film of Karl Bessaya "Bad City" (2014). His most recent works were paintings "The Last Rite" (2015), "I, he, she" (2015) and "The Hunter from Wall Street" (2016).

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In addition to the already mentioned series, the actor starred insuch popular projects as "Supernatural" (2005 - ...), "Silicon Valley" (2014 - ...), "Shitts Creek" (2015 - ...) and "Camp X" (2015 - ...). And his last work was a small but significant role of the close Sergeant Hugo Fridkina in the popular series "Holistic Detective Agency of Dirk Gently" (2016 - ...).

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